What is Anonymous Browsing on Reddit? [in 2022]

Have you ever wanted to use Reddit without using your account? Now, that can be made possible with anonymous browsing. In fact, you can be someone else for a few minutes and everything will be erased when you switch back to the account that you are used to.

What is Anonymous Browsing on Reddit and how does it work?

Anonymous Browsing is a way for you to browse Reddit without Reddit giving you recommendations and notifications. It is like everything is back from scratch and you won’t be bugged by people in chat too.

While you are browsing Reddit anonymously, the awards you’ve won and the communities you’ve joined won’t be visible as you will get a preview of what it is like to be a new member.

Keep in mind your session will expire when you are inactive for thirty minutes. After all, if you are not planning on doing anything else on Reddit then you may as well log out. When your session expires, you will be redirected to the account that you previously used so you can choose to anonymously browse for just a few minutes.

How to turn on Anonymous Browsing on Reddit?

It is evident you would need to do a few things that won’t appear on your account’s history. As a result, the next thing you must do would be to anonymously browse Reddit and it can be done in just a few seconds. First, you can go to the website Reddit and then go immediately to your profile.

There is a drop-down menu on your profile name and you can click on that. When you see the options, you can click on the anonymously browse option and that is exactly what is going to happen. When you want to switch back to your account, then you can do the exact same thing.

How to activate Anonymous Browsing on IOS/Android Phones?

It is not too hard to browse anonymously when you are using your phone. The first thing you would need to do would be to open the Reddit app. If you have a ton of other apps that are open, then you may want to close some of them in order to speed up the process.

The next thing to do would be to click on the upper left side of the screen so you can go to your profile. When you are at your profile, you can go to the drop-down menu and among the options enlisted there, you can choose ‘anonymous browsing’ and you will be able to do just that. When you want to go back, select ‘Leave Anonymous Browsing’.

Reddit Anonymous Browsing Not Working

It is indeed possible for the anonymous browsing option to not work if there is something wrong on the side of Reddit like their server.

Hence, you would have no choice but to wait for them to fix it. There is really nothing you can do in your part especially if you have a solid Internet connection.

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