How To Block Someone On Reddit? [in 2022]

The odds are you might come across someone on Reddit who might bully you or otherwise be a hassle. You’re about to learn in this brief guide how to block someone on Reddit. You’ll see how to do this on the Reddit website and app.

How To Block Someone On Reddit?

When you block someone on Reddit, you are ensuring you won’t see someone else’s posts any longer. While the person you are blocking could still see your posts and respond to them, you won’t have to see that person annoying or bothering you any further.

Here’s a look at how to block someone on Reddit. This process only works on people you have contacted in some way, whether through text, comments, mentions, or anything else.

  1. Go to the messages section on your profile. The messages are in the envelope icon on the top part of the screen after you log in.
  2. Look for an interaction involving the person you want to block.
  3. Choose the proper interaction and then click the “Block User” option. The screen will ask you if you’re sure about this; click the “Yes” option to finalize the move.

How To Block Someone On Reddit In the Mobile App?

Going To the User’s Profile

The next part of how to block someone on Reddit entails the mobile app. The Reddit app requires different measures for you to block unwanted users. First, you can go to a user’s profile to block someone from your mobile app:

  1. Click on the name of the user you want to block. You should get access to that person’s basic Reddit account info.
  2. Click the three-dot symbol on the upper-right corner of the screen.
  3. Select the “Block User” option. You should see a pop-up asking if you want to continue.

Removing Someone From a Chat List

The other option for blocking someone on the Reddit app involves removing a user from your chat list. The process ensures that you won’t get unwanted messages from a user you don’t want to hear from.

You can remove a user from a chat list with these steps:

  1. Review the conversation log and open the wheel symbol on the top-right part of the screen.
  2. Look for the user in the chat list you’re trying to block.
  3. Tap on the user’s name and select the “Block User” option. The screen will again ask if you want to block that user.

What Happens When You Block Someone On Reddit?

Reddit has refined its blocking feature over the years, with Reddit making it easier for people to avoid other users who might be abusive, hostile or anything else that might violate Reddit’s content policy.

After you block someone from Reddit, you won’t be able to see that user’s content. The blocked user’s posts will not appear in your personal feed or any community feeds you visit.

Can You Still See Someone’s Content after blocking them on Reddit?

You could still see a blocked user’s content if you are curious. The blocked person’s post will be collapsed, meaning you’d have to click the expand button to un-collapse the discussion. You can use this to confirm if someone is violating any Reddit rules or is still harassing you, giving you the power to report that person to Reddit.

What If You Get An Invite To a Group Chat and a Blocked User Is There?

There may be times when you’re invited to a group chat, but there’s a blocked user in that chat. Reddit will give you an alert about this blocked user before you agree to enter the group chat. After entering, the blocked person’s posts will still be blocked from your view.

Can You Unblock Someone You Have Blocked?

You do have the option to unblock someone on Reddit if you wish. While on the desktop version, go to the Safety and Privacy section in your User Settings and then find the username of someone you want to unblock. Click the Remove option next to that person’s name.

For mobile app users, go to your Account Settings and tap the Settings option. Go to the Blocking and Permissions section and then the Manage Locked Accounts subsection. Tap the Unblock option next to the name of whoever you want to remove.

Can’t Block a Redditor

There may be cases where you want to block someone, but you can’t for any reason. You may have an easier time completing the task on whatever version of the platform you’re more comfortable using. If you’re more familiar with the desktop version, stick to using that one.

For mobile users, you might be using Reddit on a browser instead of the app. Download the Reddit app if you’re going to use Reddit while on the go, as it is easier to use that app.

You might also struggle to find the username of someone you want to block. You can type that user’s name into the Search Reddit box on the top of the page or app to find that user. Be sure the user’s name is accurate and that you spell it right.


These measures for how to block someone on Reddit are critical for your safety. Be sure you follow the steps here to ensure your protection while on this website.

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