How To Claim Website On Pinterest? [in 2022]

Pinterest allows users to link their accounts to one or more websites so that they can make Pins directly from their website.

However, the user should first verify that he or she owns the website before the website can be linked to the Pinterest account. More information on how to claim a website on Pinterest is provided below.

Why you should verify your website for Pinterest?

Many Pinterest content creators are compensated for their effort in creating Pins, by the traffic the Pins generate for their website. The content creators can then monetize the traffic using advertising, affiliate links or sponsorships.

Hence it is necessary to verify the website to get better analytics for Pins that are generated from your website. If anyone else is also creating pins from your website, detailed analytics for these Pins will also be available.

Your profile photo will be displayed on all Pins from your site to encourage other Pinterest users to visit your website, especially if they want more information. Additionally, a small globe icon will appear next to the URL of your website on your profile

3 ways to claim a website on Pinterest

You can claim a website with a second-level domain, subdomain or directory / sub-path in the website for linking to the Pinterest account. There are three different ways to claim a website on Pinterest, to link it to the Pinterest account which are

  • Adding a HTML tag to the website
  • Uploading a file which is provided to the website
  • Adding a DNS Txt record for the domain name used,

In each case, the user has to go to the verify website option, to get the code for copy-pasting or uploading for verifying the website. Depending on the web hosting server settings, a suitable verification method should be selected

How to add an HTML tag to your website to claim it on Pinterest?

The HTML tag is code that has to be added to the source code of the home page of the website by editing it. The step-wise procedure is

  1. Log in to your Pinterest business account
  2. In the settings option, choose the claim websites option
  3. Select the add HTML tag option for claiming the website, and copy the code which is provided
  4. Open the home page of the website using a HTML editor and paste the code between the <head> and <head˛/> n the header section of the website
  5. Enter the website url and then click verify, after which Pinterest will automatically check whether the HTML tag is correctly copied and verify the website.

How to upload an HTML file to your website to confirm it on Pinterest?

In some cases, it may be possible to easily edit the home page code of the website, so it is better to upload the HTML file to your website for claiming it on Pinterest. The detailed procedure after login to the Pinterest account is described below :

  1. In the settings for the account, for claiming the website, choose the upload file option
  2. Click the upload file, to download the file for claiming
  3. Upload the downloaded file to your website using an FTP client, file manager option in CPanel, Directadmin or other control panel
  4. Enter the website URL and click on the verify option
  5. If the file is uploaded properly in the root directory of the website, it will be linked to the Pinterest account

How to add a DNS TXT record to claim your website on Pinterest?

This method can be used to only link a website to the Pinterest if the account holder owns the domain and has access to the control panel for changing the DNS settings. It cannot be used for subdomains or subpaths. After you login to the Pinterest account, the procedure for linking the website using TXT record is as follows

  1. Choose the DNS TXT option in Pinterest account settings for claiming the website
  2. Copy the code for the TXT records for verification
  3. Login to the domain control panel of your website
  4. Go to the DNS settings option
  5. In the TXT records field, copy the Pinterest code provided and save the modified DNS settings
  6. Enter the Url of the website, click to verify and claim the website

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