How To Create A Pin On Pinterest? [in 2022]

Pinterest allows its users to save, share, and replay content. If you want to make the best use of it, you will have to understand how to create a pin on Pinterest

In this Pinterest tutorial, we are going to show you how to make pins on Pinterest and share also some best practices related to creating a Pinterest pin.

What Are Pins on Pinterest?

Pinterest uses pins to enable its users to save their preferred content. A pin is a bookmark that you can use to save any content available on the web. You can search for available pins and save them for your future use.

When you have a business account, you can expect more benefits. You can create pins for any content, link back to your business website, and share your products or services on Pinterest. When a pin receives more attention, you can make it an ad.

How to Create a Pin on Pinterest?

Go through the following steps if you want to know how to create a pin on Pinterest.

  • Step One: Visit your account and click your profile picture or the plus sign in the top righthand corner.
  • Step Two: Click the plus sign icon to have the dropdown menu and select Create Pin from that menu.
  • Step Three: Once you click the create pin, it will take you to the pin creation form.
  • Step Four: You will have to upload an image for your Pinterest pin. You can upload it by entering the link of the host website, and you will have to select the image from the website. You can also upload a saved file from the desktop with a destination link.

If you want to upload from a folder, you can click the gray box and select the image from the window that appeared on your screen. Also, you can drag the file directly to the gray box. After uploading the image, click Add Destination Link and enter the website where you want to link this content.

  • Step Five: If you upload from your computer and the content is available somewhere else on the web, you will have to click save from site and enter the website’s URL. When your Pinterest pin goes live, it will link to this website automatically.
  • Step Six: You might have more than one image on the window, and you will have to scroll to find the image you want to pin and then select that image.
  • Step Seven: After loading the image, click Add Your Title and add something enticing. Add a description up to 500 characters beneath the title.
  • Step Eight: Choose a board that you want for your Pinterest pin. There will be specific boards to suit different interests, and you will have to find a suitable one.
  • Step Nine: Select the board, return to the pre-creation form, and click Save.

Pinterest Pin Content Types

You can use different types of content, including video pins, idea pins, Pinterest boards, and Pinterest categories. Video pins can grab more attention with an impressive cover, but you can use videos or visual stories in idea pins. You can use interactive elements, including stickers and tagging.

You will have to use boards to save and organize your pins. You can have evergreen content and an aesthetically appealing cover for your board to grab the desired attention. The categories are the grouping of pins. The grouping can be on any interest, including travel, animals, and food.

Pinterest Pin Best Practices

The best Pinterest pins can tell a story and appear appealing, and a good pin can motivate people to explore more. You can make desirable pins with the best practices. For any Pinterest standard pins, you can add your logo, choose a vertical image, and optimize it for search.

Video pins need to be of the right length and impressive to hold attention. Show your personality in idea pins and share correct details.

How to Create Rich Pins?

You can create different types of rich pins, including article rich pins, recipe rich pins, and product rich pins on Pinterest. You will have to add a title, author name, and description in article rich pins. However, recipe rich pins will require serving size, ratings, diet preference, ingredients, and the title.

Product rich pins will have to add product availability, information, and pricing. All will have different requirements to impress a particular category of people.

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