How To Create A Reddit Community? [in 2022]

One of the reasons why Reddit is very popular is because of the large number of communities called subreddits where members are posting content regularly. Many Reddit members would like to find out how to create their own Reddit community so this is what this Reddit tutorial is all about.

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How to create a Reddit community?

Eligibility for starting a Reddit community :

  • Only members of Reddit can create a new Reddit community if their account is at least 30 days old.
  • you should have a certain amount of positive Reddit karma, the karma is the points that the member earns when he posts content or comments which are liked by other members. Reddit does not specify the minimum karma required for community creation to prevent spam, but it is not very high.

You can check if you have adequate karma by logging into his Reddit page. If you have sufficient Karma, the ‘Create community’ button will be visible after you have logged in to your Reddit account. If the button is not visible, your should try to increase your karma

Some other considerations related to starting a new Reddit community

  • finalize the name of their community. Reddit already has more than 100,000 communities, so you should choose a name that is not already taken.
  • the name of the community should be 20 characters or less.
    • The name of the Reddit community should be memorable and you should be aware that you will not be able to change the name later.
    • The community founder should also define the primary topic of the community and other topics, you can choose up to 25 topics.
    • A description of the community should be also provided so that people are aware what the community is about.
    • You can also define the privacy levels for members as public, restricted and private which determines who can post, view or comment on the content. For private communities, only members can post and view content.

Things to do after starting a new Reddit community

New members will join a community, only if it has some content. So after the new Reddit community, some of the steps to help it grow are

  •  you should add content to the community. It is advisable to add new content daily and reply to comments so that there are at least 10 new posts every week.
  • you should also join other relevant communities, and use the opportunity to promote the new community.
  • You can customize the community using attractive icons and banners to make it look unique.
  •  Update the description of the community to include relevant keywords so that it will rank well in the search engines, and get some organic traffic.
  • You can also define the rules for the community, like the kind of content that members are allowed to post.
  •  Additionally, it is necessary to promote the community, so that more members will join the community, and detailed information on promoting a Reddit community are provided below.

How to promote a Reddit community?

Some methods to promote a newly started Reddit community are

  • submitting it to the subreddits specifically formed for the promotion of new Subreddits. Some of these promotional subreddits are newreddits, notsonewreddits, obscureddits, shameless plug. The subreddit founder can post his new subreddit and get some members, new backlinks
  • also try and get backlinks to the subreddit from other sources, especially popular forums and websites, to get more visitors.
  • Contact the moderators of other communities on Reddit, especially relevant communities and ask them if you can promote the new community.
  • Larger subreddits are a quick way to get more publicity for the new subreddit and new subscribers.
  • Using tools, the moderators or founders can also search for comments which are relevant to the new subreddit, and add a comment with a link to the new subreddit.

Can’t make a Reddit community

One of the main reasons why a Reddit member cannot start a new Reddit community is because he is a new Reddit member and does not have sufficient karma. So in these cases, you should be active on Reddit to increase your karma till you are able to start a community.

Additionally in some cases, the community name selected may be already taken or is longer than 21 characters.

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