How To Delete Reddit History? [in 2022]

Reddit is designed to encourage its users to comment and post on the website actively. Sometimes this results in spamming or unwanted attention that requires immediate deletion. If you want to know the simple yet effective ways how to delete Reddit history, then do read on to know more.

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Can you delete Reddit history and why you should delete it?

Many new Reddit users think that deleting Reddit accounts will automatically delete their entire history. However, this is not the case. Even if you successfully delete your Reddit account, all your Reddit posts and comments will still be visible. Yes, they will not be associated with your username anymore. The username will appear as “deleted” in such a case.

If you need to delete your Reddit history, then there is no need to take any drastic approach like deleting your account. Reddit allowed its user to clear their history in two simple ways.

You are provided with the option of deleting the history either via “My Profile” page or with the help of a Google Chrome extension (Reddit History Delete Extension). Next, these two methods have been mentioned in detail for your better understanding.

How to delete Reddit history via ‘My Profile’ page?

Let’s start with the steps to delete your Reddit history with the help of the “My Profile” page:

  1. You have to start by logging into your account to go the “My Profile” page.
  2. Once there, click on your profile picture that is visible on the top right corner of the screen.
  3. You have to select the “Overview” option to access all your comments and post made on Reddit via the account in question.
  4. Once you have spotted a post/comment you want to delete, click on the “…” button (ellipsis icon).
  5. You will be provided with different options, click on the “Delete” option to continue the process.
  6. Reddit will provide a pop-up box to notify that the post/comment cannot be retrieved once it is deleted by you. Click on “Delete Post” to confirm and end the deletion process successfully.
  7. Select and delete accordingly from the list provided until you are happy with the new edited history.

How to delete Reddit history via Google Chrome extension?

The second easy way to delete Reddit history is deleting it with the help of Google Chrome extension. The steps for this route are as follows:

  1. There are many different free extensions that allow users to delete their Reddit history effectively and easily. Search for Reddit history delete extension to find one that suits your need and preference.
  2. Once you have found the extension of choice from the Google Chrome extension list, click on “Add to Chrome” to use it.
  3. Once you have clicked on it, the extension will be downloaded. You can see it as an icon in the Chrome toolbar. Click on it to find “Delete All My Post” and/or “Overwrite and Delete All My Comments” to effectively delete your Reddit history.
  4. Such extensions do not provide any kind of warning like Reddit. It will perform the selected action once you clicked on the respective buttons. Thus, be certain before clicking on the delete button.

Can you recover your deleted Reddit history?

No, Reddit does not provide the option to recover any deleted history.

Reddit informs this beforehand to the user when they are about to delete their history. It is shown as a pop-up message and acts as a warning in a way.

So, you should only click to confirm if you indeed want to remove the posts and comments made from your Reddit account as they will be gone forever.

Can’t clear Reddit history

Oftentimes, many users are unable to delete their Reddit history. The website is designed to provide easy history deleting solution. You should follow the steps mentioned above accordingly to avoid this issue. Do input the correct needed information to ensure the process is a success.

If you are still having problems, then it will be best to try a different browser or use the app on your smart device instead. You can consult with Reddit directly for the needed assistance as well.

They have answered frequently asked questions regarding this subject that can provide you with the required insight to successfully delete your Reddit history.

Summing up – Deleting Reddit profile history

There you have it; now you know how to delete Reddit history and what steps to follow if you are having any issues with it. Use the information provided above for a successful history deletion process of the account in question.

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