How To Edit A Reddit Post? [in 2022]

Reddit is one of the most popular websites where anyone can get tips about anything. Thus, you can’t blame yourself if you’ve posted stuff there many times about a lot of different topics. Now, you are going to be left wondering if you can edit your Reddit posts.

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If you prefer to watch a video tutorial on how to edit Reddit posts, check out this video tutorial:

Can you edit a Reddit post?

It is indeed possible to edit your Reddit posts no matter how long it has been there. The only problem is that you can’t edit the title anymore so that is out of the way.

The only thing you can edit is the body of the post so if you want to change the title of the post then you can just delete it and make a totally new one if it is not that much work.

It is actually possible to edit your Reddit posts as many times as you want. Don’t forget that it will be put on the post when you edited it so other people reading it would know right away.

That won’t matter that much as long as you knew that you made a mistake with your post so you would have no choice but edit it as soon as possible before it gives the wrong impression to readers.

How to edit a Reddit post on a desktop computer?

The first thing you would need to do is to go to Reddit on your Internet browser. After that, you should log in to your account by entering your username and password. When that happens, you can tick on the ‘Remember me’ box so you won’t have to log on again in the future.

When you are logged on to your profile, you must head over to the Overview part. Now, it would depend on whether you want to edit a post you made or a comment that you posted. If it is a post then you can click on the ‘Submitted’ tab and if it is a comment, then you can click on the ‘Comments’ tab.

When you click on the post or even comment that you would want to edit, then click on the ‘Edit’ icon. The next thing to do would be to edit the post the way you were aiming to then click on the ‘Save’ button.

How to edit a Reddit post on iOS/Android phones?

First, you must open Reddit on your portable device then head over to the post that you would want to edit. Click on the ‘edit post’ button then edit the post. When you are finished editing the post, you can click on the ‘Submit’ button but it would be better if you double-check your post so you don’t have to edit it again.

Can’t edit a Reddit post

It is possible you are trying to edit the post of someone else. That can’t be possible because you can only edit your own posts on Reddit. Furthermore, there is no way to edit the post if it is a picture or even link post.

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