What Is Flair On Reddit & How To Add Flair On Reddit? [in 2022]

Reddit has millions of posts by its members, and many users would like to tag the users and posts with some additional information. Reddit allows moderators, and users to add flair to certain members, their own profiles or posts.

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In this beginner tutorial, we will explain what flair on Reddit is and how to add flair to your Reddit profile.

What is flair on Reddit?

Flair is a special tagging system that is available to the moderators of a Reddit community which allows them to create a visual flag which may be text or icon near a user’s name.

It can be used to highlight members who have some specialized knowledge or members who are trusted. The moderator can use the flair creatively, for official purposes or any other way which is suitable. Moderators can choose from 350 different flair templates. The moderator can decide whether he wishes to enable flair for the community which he moderates, whether he wishes to assign flair himself or allow members to assign flair for themselves.

In some communities, the moderator may allow the members to set their flair themselves. The flair can include text, emojis and he can also set the color. Additionally, the member can also add flair to the posts which he makes after they are posted so that they are more noticeable.

How to add flair on Reddit?

Members should be aware that they can set their flair, only if the moderators of the community have allowed users to set their flair. The moderators have an option in their control panel to set the flair for their users called user flair management.

The moderators can choose mods only and allow user edits setting in the flair control panel. If the mods only option is selected, only the moderators can assign the flair for the user. For the flair, the user can choose from different options, like Text only, Emoji only, and Text+ Emoji. The user can add up to 6 emojis in his flair.

Additionally, the user can customize the flair, setting the background color of the flair if he wishes. He can also adjust the color of the text which is displayed in the flair. The text color should be selected based on the background, usually, a contrasting color is selected for greater visibility. Reddit has a grant user flair tool to make it easier to assign flair to the various users.

How to add flair on Reddit on iOS/Android phones?

For adding flair on Reddit on a smartphone, the user should tap on the … menu option visible in the upper corner on the right-hand side of the community page. In the menu that will pop up, the Reddit user will be given the option to change the user flair for the community/subreddit.

If the moderators of the community have not enabled user flair for the members, the user will get a message, no user flair is assigned. In this case, the user should contact the moderators of the community if he wishes to customize user flair.

Types of Flairs on Reddit

One of the most common types of flair on Reddit is the user or individual flair which the user can customize. The user flair may be emojis, text or a combination depending on the community settings. Additionally, the user can specify a flair for his posts depending on the community settings.

Some of the more popular flairs for posts are meta for more important posts, and call for submissions to ask the users to submit their content. The critique flair is mainly used by the moderators. Other flairs include discussion, resources, and advice. Any post flair which is outside the above categories is labeled as another post flair.

How to add flair to a Reddit post?

The user will be able to add flair to his Reddit post while posting it initially, only if post flairing is enabled for the community where he posts. In this case, at the time of posting the title, text, and other content, he can choose the post flair from the options available.

The post flair may have text up to 10 emojis. After the post flair is added, he can post it.

The user can also edit the post flair at a later date or delete it. In some cases, the moderator has disabled flairs for posts, so the user may have to request the moderator to add flair for the post to highlight it

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