How To Get Access To GPT-4?

Written by: Emily Anderson
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GPT-4 is now available to the public!

In this GPT tutorial, we are going to show you how to get access to GPT 4 and try it out and see for yourself if it is really that much better than GPT-3.

If you prefer to watch a video tutorial on how to access GPT-4, check out this one:

How To Get Access To GPT-4?

Currently, you can get access to GPT-3 inside ChatGPT if you have upgraded to a ChatGPT Plus subscription.

  1. Open up ChatGPT at
  2. Select GPT-4 from the list of available models on the top of screen. change chatgpt to gpt4
  3. Now if you add a new prompt to ChatGPT, it should be based on the GPT-4 mode.

Now, you can start using GPT-4 inside ChatGPT.

How to use GPT-4 without the ChatGPT Plus subscription?

If you can’t access GPT-4 via ChatGPT Plus, there is also a way to try out GPT-4 using the OpenAI API.

There is a waitlist for the GPT-4 API currently, here is the link that you can use to sign up for their waiting list.

What is GPT 4 and how it is different from GPT-3?

GPT-4, like GPT-3, is a generative pre-trained transformer model developed by OpenAI.

gpt 4

Both models are part of the same family of language models, but GPT-4 is an improved version with notable differences in terms of scale, performance, and capabilities.

  1. Scale: GPT-4 is larger than GPT-3 in terms of model size, which means it has more parameters and can potentially learn more complex patterns in data. This allows GPT-4 to generate more accurate and coherent responses.
  2. Training data: GPT-4 has been trained on a more extensive and diverse dataset than GPT-3, enabling it to have a broader knowledge base and improved understanding of various topics.
  3. Fine-tuning: GPT-4 has improved fine-tuning capabilities that make it more adaptable to specific tasks or domains. This allows developers to better customize the model for their particular use case, resulting in more accurate and relevant responses.
  4. Few-shot learning: GPT-4 demonstrates better few-shot learning capabilities than GPT-3, which means it can learn to perform tasks with fewer examples. This improvement results in more effective and efficient learning, particularly in cases with limited data.
  5. Context understanding: GPT-4 has a better understanding of context and can maintain longer and more coherent conversations. This improvement enables the model to provide more accurate and relevant responses in a conversational setting.
  6. Reduction of harmful and biased outputs: Efforts have been made to reduce harmful and biased content in GPT-4’s outputs compared to GPT-3. While not perfect, GPT-4 has been designed with more attention to safety and ethical considerations.

Despite these advancements, GPT-4 still faces limitations, such as understanding context fully, providing completely accurate information, and avoiding biases.

Summary – Access GPT-4

OpenAI’s GPT-4, an advanced successor to GPT-3, comes with improvements in scale, training data, fine-tuning capabilities, few-shot learning, context understanding, and safety measures. Although GPT-4 isn’t without limitations, it signifies significant progress in AI language models.

To access GPT-4, users can either try it out via Chat-GPT, or they can sign up for a GPT-4 API waiting list.

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