How much does Midjourney cost? [in 2024]

Written by: Abigail Ivy
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If you’re interested in using Midjourney, an AI-powered tool for generating images, you’re probably wondering about its pricing.

In this article, we’ll break down the costs of using Midjourney and provide you with valuable information about its pricing plans and alternatives.

How much does Midjourney cost?

Midjourney offers a range of subscription plans tailored to different user needs. Here’s a detailed overview of these plans and their costs:

How much does Midjourney Basic Plan cost?

  • Monthly Cost: $10
  • Annual Cost: $96 ($8/month)
  • Fast GPU Hours: 200 minutes per month
  • Relaxed GPU Hours: Not available

The Basic Plan is perfect for those who require occasional access to Midjourney’s AI tools. It provides limited GPU hours, suitable for light usage.

How much does Midjourney Standard Plan cost?

  • Monthly Cost: $30
  • Annual Cost: $288 ($24/month)
  • Fast GPU Hours: 900 minutes per month
  • Relaxed GPU Hours: Not available

The Standard Plan is designed for users who need more GPU hours and frequent access to Midjourney’s capabilities. It offers increased performance compared to the Basic Plan.

How much does Midjourney Pro Plan cost?

  • Monthly Cost: $60
  • Annual Cost: $576 ($48/month)
  • Fast GPU Hours: Unlimited
  • Relaxed GPU Hours: Unlimited
  • Additional Features: Access to stealth mode for hiding images on the Midjourney gallery website

The Pro Plan is ideal for power users and professionals who demand higher performance and unlimited GPU hours. It also includes advanced features like stealth mode for added privacy.

How much does Midjourney Enterprise Plan cost?

  • Monthly Cost: $120
  • Annual Cost: $1152 ($96/month)
  • Fast GPU Hours: 60 hours per month
  • Relaxed GPU Hours: Unlimited

The Enterprise Plan is tailored for businesses and professionals with high demands for AI-generated content. It offers the highest GPU hours and unlimited relaxed GPU hours.

Midjourney Annual Plans

Midjourney also offers annual subscription plans, which come with a 20% discount. Here’s how the annual costs compare:

  • Basic Plan: $96 ($8/month)
  • Standard Plan: $288 ($24/month)
  • Pro Plan: $576 ($48/month)

Choosing an annual plan can save you money in the long run and is an excellent option for those committed to using Midjourney for an extended period.

Is there a Free Trial?

Midjourney used to offer a free trial that allowed users to generate up to 25 images. However, due to an influx of new users creating throwaway accounts to access free images, the free trial has been halted.

While Midjourney briefly reopened free trials in May 2023, it is not currently providing a free trial due to high demand. Keep in mind that the availability of free trials may change over time.

Can You Get a Midjourney Discount?

While Midjourney does not currently offer promotional codes or coupons, there are still ways to save on its services:

  • Annual Subscription: Opting for an annual subscription plan provides a 20% discount compared to monthly plans. This means you can enjoy the Basic Plan for $8/month, the Standard Plan for $24/month, and the Pro Plan for $48/month.
  • Newsletter: Sign up for Midjourney’s newsletter to receive exclusive discounts and promotions directly to your inbox.
  • Referral: Ask someone you know who uses Midjourney if they have a discount code to share with you.

It’s worth noting that Midjourney may introduce promotions in the future, so it’s a good idea to keep an eye on their official website, Discord, and Twitter accounts for updates.

Free Alternatives to Midjourney

If you’re looking for alternatives to Midjourney that won’t cost you a dime, there are several free options available:

  1. Stable Diffusion: A free and open-source text-to-image model that can be installed on your local PC.
  2. Fotor AI Image Generator: A free online tool that allows you to generate images from text and offers a wide range of customization options.
  3. DALL-E 2: While it’s not entirely free, DALL-E 2 offers a limited number of free image generations.
  4. Diffusion Art: A free, web-based tool that’s an alternative to Midjourney, offering similar capabilities.
  5. Starry AI: Offers 10 free credits upon sign-up, allowing you to generate images without immediate cost.
  6. Playground AI: A free online tool with numerous customization options for generating AI images.
  7. Prompt Hunt: Another free online tool that allows image generation from text prompts.
  8. Dream by WOMBO: While not entirely free, Dream by WOMBO offers some free image generation capabilities.
  9. Craiyon: A free and open-source AI art generator that can draw images from any text prompt.

These free alternatives provide various features and capabilities, so explore them to find the one that suits your needs best.

In conclusion, the cost of using Midjourney depends on your chosen subscription plan, with options ranging from Basic to Enterprise. Consider your usage and needs when selecting the right plan for you.

While Midjourney doesn’t currently offer promotional codes, you can still save by opting for an annual subscription or keeping an eye out for future promotions. If you’re looking for free alternatives, there are several viable options available for AI-generated art.