Jasper AI Features: Should You Buy Starter Or Boss Mode Plan? [in 2022]

Are you wondering if Jasper AI features are worth the hefty price tag or whether you should purchase the Boss mode or the features in the Jasper AI Starter plan are good enough for you?

In this Jasper AI tutorial, we are going to introduce all the features Jasper AI provides and give an honest review about them so you can see if you should purchase the Jasper AI Starter plan or boss mode.

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All Jasper AI features

So currently, you can choose between two Jasper AI (previously known as Jarvis AI and Conversion AI) plans: the more limited Starter plan and the Boss mode plan that includes all Jasper AI features.

Boss mode is of course more expensive, as you can see in our detailed article about Jasper AI pricing.

If you want to try either of these, you can get 10,0000 words for free on us, by using the link below.

First, let’s list out all the Jasper AI features, and in the next paragraphs, we will give a brief overview of each features:

So here are all the Jasper AI features:

  • Jasper AI templates (both on Jasper AI Starter plan and Boss mode plan)
  • Support for 25+ languages (both on Jasper AI Starter plan and Boss mode plan)
  • Add up to 5 users to your Jasper AI account (both on Jasper AI Starter plan and Boss mode plan)
  • Lookback context (600 characters on Starter plan and 3000 characters on Boss mode)
  • Autosaving all content you generate (both on Jasper AI Starter plan and Boss mode plan)
  • Access to Jasper AI Facebook groups (both on Jasper AI Starter plan and Boss mode plan)
  • Jasper AI training bootcamp (both on Jasper AI Starter plan and Boss mode plan)
  • Google Docs Style Document editor (only on Boss mode plan)
  • Jasper AI commands (only on Boss mode plan)
  • SEO mode integration with Surfer SEO (only on Boss mode plan)
  • Recipes (only on Boss mode plan)
  • Plagiarism checker (only on Boss mode plan)
  • Grammarly access in the editor (only on Boss mode plan)
  • Revision history (only on Boss mode plan)
  • Priority support (only on Boss mode plan)
  • Jasper certification for LinkedIn (only on Boss mode plan)

So these are all the Jasper AI features. Let’s get more details about the most important features.

Jasper AI templates

Even if you don’t purchase boss mode, you will get access to all Jasper AI templates, one of the most useful features of Jasper AI.

We have a separate guide where we go over all the Jasper AI templates and use cases.

But basically, you will get a Jasper AI template for all kinds of marketing use-cases:

  • from writing blog post intros, paragraphs, conclusions
  • for writing email subject lines
  • short social posts
  • coming up with new marketing angles, ideas
  • write Amazon or Shopify product descriptions that convert
  • come up with engaging questions for your social media content
  • write Facebook, Google and other kinds of ad copy
  • and many more

Jasper AI languages

You will be able to write with Jasper AI in the following languages:

  • Bulgarian
  • Chinese
  • Czech
  • Danish
  • Dutch
  • English
  • English (British)
  • Estonian
  • Finnish
  • French
  • German
  • Greek
  • Hungarian
  • Italian
  • Japanese
  • Latvian
  • Lithuanian
  • Polish
  • Portuguese
  • Portuguese (Brazilian)
  • Romanian
  • Russian
  • Slovak
  • Slovenian
  • Spanish
  • Swedish

Other Starter plan features

When you are on the Jasper AI start plan, you will also get access to a ton of learning resources, like the Jasper AI Facebook group with over 50 thousand members and the training bootcamp.

Jasper AI Long from editor

We have a full guide on how to use Jasper Ai boss mode, so in this tutorial, we will only focus on introducing the features that Jasper AI Boss mode plan provides.

The most important Boss mode plan feature is without doubt the long form editor that makes it super easy to write long form content: blog posts, book sections, e-books.

You can format the text in the Jasper AI document editor just like you would do in the Google Docs editor. Besides, you can also provide the keywords you want the AI to focus on when generating the text.

The long form content editor also integrates very smoothly with all  50+ Jasper AI templates, the Surfer SEO editor and with Grammarly.

Jasper AI commands

What makes Jasper AI the leading AI generator tool on the market is Jasper AI boss mode. The main idea boss mode is that you can give commands to Jasper in the long-form edit

So for instance, you can command Jasper to:

  • write 3 variations of blog post headline
  • write a blog post outline based on this head line
  • write a conclusion based on the above article

But within the long form content, you can also use the Jasper AI boss mode to write the ad copy of your Facebook ad or social media posts that you will use to promote the blog post you have just written.

To learn more about the Jasper AI boss mode, check out this guide:

  • How to use Jasper AI boss mode?

Jasper AI Recipes

Jasper AI recipes is also another feature that makes Jasper one of the bets AI tect generator on the marketing.

Jasper recipes are pre-built workflows that contain a series of Jasper commands to help you write content using a process that you know is already working.

You can create your own Jasper AI recipes or also use other Jasper AI created and shared by other Jasper AI users.

For instance, with a Jasper AI blog post recipe, you can make the process of writing a blog post even faster. A process that is already really fast with Jasper AI boos mode.

Jasper AI Surfer SEO integration

As one of the main use of Jasper AI is long-form content generation a.k.a. writing blog posts, Surfer SEO integration is also a very useful feature.

If you don’t know, Surfer SEO is one of the best on-page SEO optimization tool on the market that tells you what content to add to your blog post to improve your chance of ranking in the Google Search result.

If you also purchase Surfer SEO, you can use it within the Jasper AI long-form editor, so you can clearly see what kind of content you have to add the your blog post to make sure it is SEO optimized.

Does Jasper AI have any free feature?

No, you have to purchase a Jasper AI Starter plan at least to be able to use Jasper AI, there are no free Jasper AI features.

However, if you want to try out Jasper AI for free, you can do so by claiming your 10,000 words free credits, by clicking on the button here:

Claim Your 5-day Jasper AI free trial!

What is Jasper AI & how does it work?

Jasper AI is an artificial intelligence based text generator tool that you can use to write long-form content, social media posts, ad copy, cold email, and more, 10 times faster than a human copywriter.

Jasper AI leverages the GPT-3 language model API to create human-like text that is more engaging and creative than 90% of content writers.

Jasper AI doesn’t only create excellent content but you can be 100% sure that its output is not plagiarized so you can use its content output on SEO optimized blog posts without any attribution.

Jasper AI has more than 50 marketing templates, that include: Blog post intro & conclusion paragraph writer, Facebook ad headline, Google Ads headline generator, Product description, content improver, email subject lines, YouTube video scripts, description templates and many more.

Besides the 50+ templates, you can also leverage its industry leading Boss mode to generate content 10 times faster and command the AI technology to write what you want.

To learn more about Jasper AI, check out the related articles, guides and tutorial on Jasper AI.

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