Exclusive Jasper AI Free Trial & Free Credits Link [in 2022]

Can you use Jasper AI for free? Find out in from this Jasper AI tutorial.

We are also going to explain how to get a Jasper AI free trial, and what limitations you will have when claiming your Jasper AI free trial offer.

Without further ado, let’s dive in.

Is Jasper AI Free?

No, Jasper AI is not free, if you want to use Jasper AI, you have to pay a monthly subscription fee. However, you can try Jasper AI for free with our Jasper AI free trial offer, as explained in the next section.

Get A 5-day Jasper AI Free Trial!

Besides the free trial option, there is no way to use Jasper AI for free, so you have to either purchase Jasper AI or use another free Jasper AI alternative.

The reason Jasper AI can’t have a free plan is because Jasper AI uses the GPT-3 technology developed by Open AI to generate AI content outputs.

So the company behind Jasper AI has to pay for GPT-3 API usage whenever you generate new AI content with Jasper AI.

Does Jasper free trial?

Yes, Jasper AI has a 5-day free trial which means that you can use Jasper AI for five days without buying a Jasper AI subscription plan.

Get A 5-day Jasper AI Free Trial!

However, the Jasper AI free trial doesn’t offer unlimited words, you will be able to generate only 10,000 words during this 5-day free trial.

Once you generated 10,000 words, your Jasper AI trial will stop and you can’t use the AI software anymore, unless you purchase any of their subscription.

AI content generators with a free plan

If you want to generate AI content without spending money on a AI text generator subscription, here are the options you have:

  • Rytr.me
  • frase.io

To learn more about these free Jasper AI alternatives, check out this article:

  • Jasper AI alternatives (Tobepublished)

Of course, keep in mind that these free options are always limited in the number of words you can generate with them as currently using GPT-3 or a similar AI model is a relatively expensive thing.

How to get Jasper AI for free?

If you want to get 10,000 Jasper AI credits for free, just click on the button below to claim your exclusive Jasper AI free trial offer.

Get A 5-day Jasper AI Free Trial!

AI Writing tools with free trial option

If you have already used your Jasper AI free trial option and don’t want to pay for a monthly subscription, you can also check out the following AI content writer tools that have free trials:

If you have used all your Jasper AI free credits and you don’t want to pay for Jasper AI, there are other similar AI content writing assistants that offer a Free trial:

Here are the ones we recommend:

  • Copy AI free trial
  • Copysmith free trial
  • Rytr.me free trial

To learn more about these AI content generators, check out the review about them here:

  • Copy AI review (Tobepublished)
  • Copysmith review (Tobepublished)
  • Rytr.me review (Tobepublished)

Frequently Asked Question – Jasper AI Free trial

Here are the most frequently asked questions related to Jasper AI free trial:

How to use Jasper AI for free?

If you want to use Jasper AI for free, you have to claim the free trial offer here.

Does the Jasper AI free trial let you generate unlimited words?

No, there is a 10,000 words cap on the Jasper AI free trial, so you have to buy a monthly subscription if you want to generate more AI content with it.

How long is the Jasper AI free trial?

If you use this link, you will get a five-day Jasper AI free trial. However, if you used all 10,000 words during your trial period, you won’t be able to use Jasper anymore, unless you buy a subscription.

What is Jasper AI and how does it work?

Jasper AI is an artificial intelligence based text generator tool that you can use to write long-form content, social media posts, ad copy, cold email, and more, 10 times faster than a human copywriter.

Jasper AI leverages the GPT-3 language model API to create human-like text that is more engaging and creative than 90% of content writers.

Jasper AI doesn’t only create excellent content but you can be 100% sure that its output is not plagiarized so you can use its content output on SEO-optimized blog posts without any attribution.

Jasper AI has more than 50 marketing templates, that include: Blog post intro & conclusion paragraph writer, Facebook ad headline, Google Ads headline generator, Product description, content improver, email subject lines, YouTube video scripts, description templates and many more.

Besides the 50+ templates, you can also leverage its industry-leading Boss mode to generate content 10 times faster and command the AI technology to write what you want.

To learn more about Jasper AI, check out the related articles, guides, and tutorial on Jasper AI below.

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