How To Make Money On Pinterest? [in 2022]

Pinterest is a search engine for images and videos, and also has several features of similar popular social media channels.

Creating content for Pinterest takes time and effort, so the content creators would find out if they will be compensated for their effort. Some of the popular methods to make money on Pinterest are discussed below.

Can you make money on Pinterest?

Pinterest is one of the most popular websites in the world, with more than 400 million visitors monthly. Many of the visitors are from the United States, and approximately 40% of the visitors are making more than $75,000 monthly.

Home decor, fashion, health and beauty, and sporting goods are some of the most popular categories on Pinterest, and many users will first use Pinterest to find information on the products which are available.

Pinterest allows users to link their pins to an affiliate link or link the pin to an online store where the product is being sold. For affiliate links, the user is usually paid a commission for each sale.

Additionally, Pinterest users can also form partnerships with brands that they endorse or use in their Pins. Pinterest has a paid partnership tool, and the user can make an Idea pin to tag the partner brand. The user will be paid after the brand approves the tag.

How to make money on Pinterest?

Some of the ways users are making money on Pinterest are listed below

  • Start a blog and make several pins for each post on Pinterest to drive traffic to the blog. The traffic can then be monetized using advertising, affiliate links, sponsored partnerships or other methods.
  • becoming a virtual assistant on Pinterest : many businesses do not have the time and resources to manage their Pinterest account, create images, tagging them, make Pinterest pins, promoting the pins. Members who understand Pinterest well can work as a virtual assistants for businesses, especially those selling home decor, fashion and beauty products
  • Pinterest can be used by online sellers to drive traffic to their online store, which may be a Shopify, Etsy or eBay store. The online seller can make pins of the products he sells on Pinterest, and tag them appropriately.
  • Help brands in promoting their products on Pinterest, doing a joint promotion or having a shared board, especially if you have more followers
  • Shop the look can help users with a business account create a look, and make money when anyone purchases a product displayed in the look.
  • Experienced Pinterest users can help train professionals and businesses to use Pinterest for increasing sales, for branding.

Make money on Pinterest by driving traffic to your website

Advertising can be a passive source of income if the publisher is getting a lot of traffic from his website. Like Facebook, Pinterest can be a major source of traffic, and some Pins can drive traffic for several months or years.

After registering at Pinterest, the user should upgrade to a business account, and create his first board for posting his Pins. He should focus on topics like home decor, fashion, and fitness, which the users are interested in.

Canva is a free tool for creating attractive Pins, and SEO tags will help in increasing traffic. For each blog post on the website, the user should make several pins to drive traffic from Pinterest to the website. There are several advertising options for monetizing traffic.

Make money by running Pinterest ads for clients

Advertisers can use Pinterest advertising for branding, driving traffic, video views, conversions, and online shopping. Many Pinterest users are interested in finding suitable products which they can purchase.

Most clients do not have experienced staff for running the Pinterest ads, so experienced users can manage Pinterest ads for their clients.

Make money with Pinterest affiliate marketing

The Pins can also be directly linked to affiliate links so that the user is paid a commission if a user clicking on the link makes a purchase. It is important to read the terms and conditions of the merchant, whose products are being promoted, and the affiliate relationship should be disclosed.

The affiliate link should not be cloaked. For better results, it is advisable to make rich pins, pin them to group boards, optimize for search engines, and analyze the pin performance to optimize it

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