How To Make Money On Reddit? [in 2022]

Reddit is great for having fun online discussions about your favorite topics or just mindlessly scrolling through Reddit posts. A lot of people don’t know but you can also find Subreddits where you can start making money in various ways.

In this Reddit article, we will explore these subreddits where you make a quick buck.

Can you make money on Reddit?

Launched in 2005, its continuous growth has put similar platforms to shame. It features more than 150,000 communities called subreddits and has every bit of information known to mankind.

You can earn money on Reddit:

  • Reddit currently doesn’t have a creator fund or opportunities to receive money from fellow Redditors.
  • However, there are a ton of subreddits where there are a lot of opportunities to find opportunities to make money online.
  • These are completely legal communities so there are no scams here.

List of Subreddits where you can make money

There are several communities where you get users who share and discuss ways to earn money. Subreddits like r/Freelance and r/WorkOnline provide a wide range of opportunities of learning about the various ways to earn money online.

There are ten specific subreddits listed for you to help catch your biggest fish!

  1. R/BeerMoney: It is an active community that helps find you easy tasks to earn money, up to $100 per month. It is a great place to find paid reviews, online surveys, income apps, and different other ways to earn money.
  2. R/SlaveLabour: It is a large community where they find you small tasks that pay very modestly. Tasks offered are from graphic designing, and writing to simple data entry.
  3. R/SignupsForPay: This subreddit finds you sign-up bonus schemes, providing an incentive in addition to the bonus sign-ups.
  4. R/Jobs4Bitcoin: It is a board for job opportunities that would pay you in Bitcoin and other forms of cryptocurrencies. New business opportunities are added to the community every day.
  5. R/HireAWriter: This community provides freelance writing opportunities to aspiring writers and even experienced ones. Writers should post their portfolios to get a job here.
  6. R/DesignJobs: It is a board for job opportunities for graphic designers and those who are looking to hire them.
  7. R/GiftCardExchange: This is quite a unique way to earn money on Reddit. Exchange your unused gift cards that are lying around and earn easy money.
  8. R/ForHire: This community looks for freelance workers to work for them. You can select jobs here and advertise your skills to get selected.
  9. R/WorkOnline: Over more than 170,000 users, this community provides a ton of jobs and added information with them.
  10. R/WallSreetBets: This community quite shocked the whole world in early 2021. This subreddit shares investment strategies, advice, and stock tips.

Hang out on R/SignupsForPay  to make money on Reddit

If you are looking for ways to make easy and quick money, R/SignupsForPay is the best community for it. Here are the reasons why:

  • They offer incentives on the sign-up bonus schemes that they find for you. Forex: On the sign-up bonus of $100, the incentive would be $40.
  • There are a lot of opportunities on the offers of sign-ups.
  • The extra incentive attracts a lot of members to this community.

Hang out on R/BeerMoney to find opportunities to make money

This community, R/BeerMoney is the best for earning money through rewards and online tasks. It is one of the popular and best resources. It provides several opportunities through daily posts on earning extra money.

  • It is a safe, reliable community to put your trust in.
  • They find you opportunities like paid reviews, passive income apps, online surveys, sign-up bonus, and several others
  • They held various discussions about their provided job or a specific program.
  • They are extremely helpful.

R/Jobs4Bitcoin to make money on Reddit

This subreddit is the best board for job opportunities that let users pay in Bitcoin and other forms of cryptocurrencies. The users can put their details of services they can provide, with their rate. The hiring committee can look through their portfolios and choose candidates.

  • New jobs are added every day.
  • Fresh new jobs starting from graphic designers, and data entry to freelancing are provided.
  • You can request a middleman for your secured transactions.

I hope this article on how to make money on Reddit, was helpful.

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