How To Make Pinterest Private? [in 2022]

Pinterest is one of the most popular social media platforms where you can share photos and different ideas. You can also use boards to pin up the ideas that you like from other users.

If you are using Pinterest and want to keep some of the ideas to yourself, then you will probably think – How to make Pinterest private? Well, if you have this question in your mind, then you have landed at the right place. Read on to know more.

How can you make your Pinterest account private?

If you are thinking about making your Pinterest account a private one, then you should know that you cannot completely hide your active account. A Pinterest account is always public and anyone can see your profile and look into the pins that you are saving publicly.

But what you can do is to make some secret or private Pinterest boards where you can pin some of the ideas that is hidden from people. Only you can access and see those private boards that you have on your Pinterest.

How to make the Pinterest account private by turning on Pinterest search privacy?

You can turn your Pinterest account private by switching on the search privacy option. For this, you have to follow some of the important steps. These are:

  1. You have to click on the arrow (V) that is located on the top right-side corner of the Pinterest page
  2. This will open the menu and you need to click on Settings
  3. Under the Settings option, you will have to tap on Privacy and data located at the left-hand side of the page
  4. There you can will an option Search Privacy’ and you have to check the box right beside the Hide profile from search engine’
  5. Next, you have to tap on I Understand’ and then Save’ the settings

Once you do that, your Pinterest profile will not be show on the search engine of the Pinterest and your account will be private.

How to make a Pinterest account private by creating Secret Boards?

As mentioned above, you can create Secret boards on Pinterest to keep some of the ideas only to yourself. In order to do that, you have to follow these steps:

  1. First, you need to login into your Pinterest account with the credentials
  2. Click on the profile picture which is located on the right-hand side top corner
  3. This will open your profile and you have to choose a board that you want to make private
  4. Click on the bottom right corner of that board and you will get a menu
  5. Scroll down that menu and you will see the option Keep the Board secret’
  6. Toggle the switch to make it a private board and click on Done’

With the help of this private board, only you can see the ideas (photos and videos) that you pin under this board. No one else can.

How to make Pinterest private by blocking people from your Pinterest?

If you want to make your Pinterest account private from certain people or a person in particular, then the best way to do is by blocking them on Pinterest. In order to block someone from Pinterest, you have to follow these steps:

  1. Login in to your Pinterest account with your credentials
  2. Search for the user profile that you want to block
  3. Click or tap on the dots that are located on the top left-hand side corner of the user’s profile
  4. There will be a dropdown menu and you can see the option Delete’ there
  5. Choose that to block the user successfully

Hide Pinterest activity by turning off personalized Pinterest ads

You can turn off the personalized ads on Pinterest to hide the Pinterest activities. For that, follow these steps:

  1. Head to the account settings
  2. You have to uncheck the box beside Use information to improve the ad recommendation’
  3. Tap on Done


If you were wondering about How to make Pinterest private?‘, these are some of the simplest and easiest ways to make your account private. While you cannot complete make your Pinterest account private from the users, you can definitely keep some of the items only to yourself. You can follow the above-mentioned steps in order to keep some of the boards completely private to yourself only.

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