Midjourney API: A Comprehensive Guide

Written by: Abigail Ivy
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In this Midjourney tutorial, we’ll dive straight into the Midjourney API. We’ll explore its current status, how to access it, its cost, and potential use cases.

Whether you’re a developer, a business, or just curious, here’s everything you need to know about the Midjourney API, laid out simply and clearly. Let’s get started.

Does Midjourney have an API?

As of now, Midjourney does not have an official API.

However, there’s good news. The developer community, known for its ingenuity, has come up with several unofficial APIs to work with Midjourney data programmatically.

While these unofficial versions fill the gap, it remains uncertain if Midjourney plans to introduce an official public API in the future.

How do I access the unofficial Midjourney API?

If you’re looking to use the Midjourney API, albeit unofficially, here’s a step-by-step guide:

  1. Head over to a provider website, like ImagineAPI.dev or The Next Leg.
  2. Create an account on the chosen website.
  3. Secure your Discord user token.
  4. Get a Midjourney subscription.
  5. Register on the website to obtain your API Key.
  6. With your API Key in hand, follow the website’s instructions to start using the API.

It’s worth emphasizing that since these APIs aren’t officially supported by Midjourney, they might offer limited functionalities as compared to a potential official version.

How much does the unofficial Midjourney API cost?

Different providers have different pricing models for the unofficial Midjourney API:

  1. ImagineAPI.dev offers a self-hosted version for a one-time fee of $699.
  2. The Next Leg charges a monthly fee of $40 USD for its API.
  3. Midapi provides a trial version at $1.95 for 20 image credits, with plans extending up to 50,000 image credits.

Remember, these APIs lack Midjourney’s official stamp of approval, so ensure you’re aware of their scope and limitations before opting for one.

What are some use cases for the Midjourney API?

The Midjourney API, even in its unofficial form, offers a range of applications:

  1. Art Generation: Artists and designers can utilize the API to produce high-quality images from textual prompts.
  2. Chatbots: By integrating the API, chatbots can generate images based on user queries or inputs.
  3. Social Media: Need a custom image for your Instagram or Twitter post? The Midjourney API has got you covered.
  4. E-commerce: E-commerce platforms can harness the API to produce product images dynamically.
  5. Education: Educational institutions can employ the API to generate visual materials for presentations or coursework.

Again, it’s crucial to remember that these use cases aren’t officially endorsed by Midjourney, and the results might differ from those achieved through an official API.

In Conclusion – Unofficial Midjourney API

The Midjourney API, though unofficial, offers a world of possibilities for developers, businesses, and creatives.

Whether you’re an artist looking to generate unique visuals, a developer seeking to enhance your chatbot, or a business aiming to make your social media posts stand out, the Midjourney API can be a game-changer.

Until an official API comes into the picture, these unofficial versions provide a valuable alternative to harness the power of Midjourney.

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