Midjourney Zoom Out Prompts Explained

Written by: Abigail Ivy
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In this Midjourney feature tutorial, we’ll dive deep into what the Midjourney Zoom Out prompt is, how it works, and the best use cases for it.

Midjourney Zoom Out Prompt Explained

The Midjourney Zoom Out feature is a fascinating tool that allows users to extend the canvas of an upscaled image beyond its original boundaries, but without altering the content of the original image.

This feature is a testament to the platform’s dedication to enhancing creative flexibility for its users.

The Zoom Out feature’s primary purpose is to offer new avenues for composition and creativity.

By using this feature, you can seamlessly position characters in various settings, craft intricate wall art, or simply zoom out further to generate full-body renditions of close-up images.

For those eager to give it a spin, here’s how to use the Zoom Out feature:

  1. Start by generating an image in Midjourney. This can be done by entering the “/imagine” command followed by your desired prompt.
  2. After the image is created, upscale it. You’ll then see the Custom Zoom button. This is your gateway to the Zoom Out feature.

Some creative examples include turning a close-up portrait of a fictional character into a full-body image, or perhaps taking an abstract design and placing it within a broader landscape or scene.

Midjourney Make Square Prompt

Another intriguing feature in the Midjourney arsenal is the Make Square prompt.

If you’ve ever had an image that wasn’t quite the right shape for your needs, this feature is your solution.

The Make Square prompt transforms a non-square image into a square one using the magic of outpainting.

Using the Make Square feature is straightforward:

  1. Generate an image in Midjourney.
  2. If the produced image isn’t square, you’ll notice the Make Square button right beneath it.
  3. Simply click on this button, and your image will be transformed into a perfect square.

The Make Square feature is particularly useful for those aiming to produce content with a specific aspect ratio, especially if it deviates from Midjourney’s default 1:1 ratio.

For instance, you might want an image of vibrant California poppies or perhaps a contemplative cat perched on a windowsill, all perfectly squared for your project’s needs.

Midjourney Custom Zoom Button Explained

The Custom Zoom button in Midjourney is a gateway to creative flexibility. It grants users the power to dictate how much they wish to zoom out of an image.

Here’s the lowdown on the Custom Zoom feature:

  1. After creating an image in Midjourney, upscale it.
  2. Access the Custom Zoom button, which will present you with a dialogue box.
  3. Within this box, choose from three zoom-out options: zoom out two times, zoom out 1.5 times, or opt for the custom zoom where you specify the exact zoom-out value.

Whether you’re looking to create full-body images from close-up shots, craft wall art, or experiment with different scenes and settings, the Custom Zoom feature offers endless possibilities.

Best Use Cases for Midjourney Zoom Out, Custom Zoom, & Make Square

With these advanced features at your disposal, the sky’s the limit in terms of creative potential. Here are some stellar use cases to inspire your next project:

  • Midjourney Zoom Out: Ideal for generating new compositions, exploring creative flexibility, setting characters in diverse environments, crafting wall art, and producing full-body images from close-up shots.
  • Midjourney Custom Zoom: Perfect for creating close-up portraits, positioning characters in various scenes, and designing wall art.
  • Midjourney Make Square: Best for turning non-square images into square ones, producing content with specific aspect ratios, and generating images like vibrant California poppies or a cat on a windowsill.

In conclusion, Midjourney’s Zoom Out, Custom Zoom, and Make Square features are powerful tools in the hands of creators, enabling them to push the boundaries of what’s possible in the realm of generative AI art.

Whether you’re a seasoned artist or just starting out, these features offer unparalleled creative freedom. Dive in and let your imagination run wild!

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