How to Contact Midjourney Support? [in 2024]

Written by: Abigail Ivy
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In this Midjourney blog post, we’ll guide you through the various ways you can reach out to Midjourney’s support team.

How to Contact Midjourney Support

Reaching out to Midjourney’s support team is easy and can be done in several ways:

  1. Discord: For immediate assistance, especially if you’re facing issues with the Midjourney Bot or their website, their Discord channel is the place to go. Specifically, you’ll want to head to the #member-support channel, which is just above the newbies rooms. Here, you’ll find volunteers and seasoned community members ready to help. However, remember that they can’t assist with billing issues.
  2. Email: If your concern revolves around billing, shoot an email to [email protected]. When doing so, make sure to provide a detailed description of your problem and, if applicable, include your latest Invoice Number. This can be located on your most recent invoice or in the receipt email from Midjourney. The more information you provide, the quicker they can address your issue.
  3. Social Media: While not a primary support channel, you can try reaching out to Midjourney’s customer service team through their social media pages, like Twitter or LinkedIn. Engaging with them via direct messaging or comments might get their attention.
  4. Website: A visit to their official website might provide additional contact methods or even answer some of your questions through their FAQs or user guides.

How Long Does It Take to Get a Response from Midjourney Support?

While the exact response time can vary, Midjourney strives to address user concerns promptly.

Your wait time largely depends on the nature of your issue and the channel you’ve chosen to reach out through.

For instance, the #member-support channel on Discord is likely to offer quicker feedback due to the active community presence.

On the other hand, email queries, especially those related to billing, might take a bit longer as they require input from specific teams or departments.

Is There a Midjourney Support Phone Number I Can Call?

Currently, Midjourney does not provide a support phone number. Their primary channels for support are Discord and email, as mentioned above.

This approach ensures that users receive specialized assistance tailored to the platform’s unique features and issues.

Does Midjourney Have an Official Twitter Account?

Absolutely! Midjourney maintains an active presence on Twitter under the handle @midjourney.

Following their Twitter account is a great way to stay updated with the latest announcements, updates, and insights from the Midjourney team.

Does Midjourney Have an Official Facebook Page?

As of now, there isn’t an official Facebook page dedicated to Midjourney. If you’re looking to connect with them on social media, their Twitter account and LinkedIn page are the best places to do so.

In Conclusion – Contact Midjourney support

Whether you’re a newbie trying to navigate Midjourney’s features or a seasoned user facing an unexpected glitch, knowing how to reach out for support is essential.

While the platform doesn’t offer phone support, their multiple online channels ensure that users get timely and efficient assistance.