How Pin a Tweet on Twitter? [in 2022]

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Twitter is one of the most rapidly growing social media platforms. It allows interactions among people worldwide whereby; you can come up with a topic, and people will reply or retweet that topic to give their views and replies.

What happens if one of your Tweets gets a lot of engagement and you would like to make it known on your profile? All you need to do is pin the Tweet on your profile.

What does it mean to pin a tweet on Twitter?

Pinning a tweet is like highlighting it above all other tweets such that it will be the first one people see when they check out the tweet threads on your profile.

How to pin a tweet on Twitter?

  1. Open your Twitter account
  2. Once you are in your Twitter account, scroll down to find the Tweet you wish to pin.
  3. Then click on the inverted triangle sign or drop-down menu, which is found in the topmost corner on the right side of the tweet.
  4. Then click on the “pin your profile page” option
  5. Click Ok or done and your tweet will appear pinned above others

 How Pin a Tweet on mobile (Android and iPhones)?

  1. The first thing you need to do is check if your smartphone is updated with the new Twitter app version; if not, make sure to update it first.
  2. Then scroll down to your tweets until you find the tweet you would like to pin.
  3. There are three ellipsis dots located next to the tweet, so click on them to open the options
  4. From the options, choose “pin to my profile page.”
  5. Refresh your tweet app, and you will see the tweet appear pinned on the page.

Note that these steps are applicable when using both Android and iOS devices.

How to unpin a tweet on Twitter?

  1. First login to your Twitter profile
  2. Scroll down to the tweet that you wish to unpin
  3. On the right side, you will see an arrow pointing down to indicate a pinned tweet
  4. Tap on the “pinned” indicator, and various options will be displayed on the page
  5. Click on “unpin,” confirm the choice, and it will automatically be dropped down to older tweets.

I can’t pin a tweet on Twitter

Several causes are making your tweet not to pin on your profile, and they are;

Outdated app

If you have never updated your Twitter app for several years, or maybe since you joined, you may have difficulty accessing some features like pinning tweets. So, update the app and refresh before trying to pin again.

The tweet is not yours

You don’t necessarily need to be the tweet owner to pin it. You can pin it to your profile as long as you have retweeted it. Therefore, you cannot pin someone else’s tweet unless you retweet it first.

Multiple pinning

You can only pin one tweet at a time to your profile. Remember that pinning your tweet means you want it to appear at the topmost of the page for visibility. So, it is only allowed for one tweet at a time.

Why you should pin a Tweet?

To get more Twitter followers

It is natural that the more retweets you have, the more followers you will get. So, if your pinned tweet has gathered more than 10000 retweets, people searching for people to follow will see it and probably be drawn to follow you. Some people use the pinning method to attract followers.

For visibility of that Tweet

If you are an active member of Twitter and probably post a topic daily, newer people may not have a chance to see some of your previous most talked about tweets on the page. So, to increase the visibility of these tweets, you can pin them to appear among the top tweets.

For more attention

People tend to forget about tweets that they probably retweeted or on your page after a while. So, to keep the conversation going with your followers and new ones, you can pin the tweet.

For promotional purposes

Twitter and other social media platforms are used for social and interaction purposes.

Twitter is a good marketing platform where you can promote and market your services or even products. So, you can pin your advertised services or products for your followers and new followers to see what else you do. This will be the first thing they view to understand what else to expect from you.

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