How To Do Affiliate Marketing On Pinterest? [in 2022]

If you want to do affiliate marketing, Pinterest is one of the best social media platforms for it as you can directly add affiliate links to Pinterest pins.

In this Pinterest marketing tutorial, we are going to show you how to do affiliate marketing on Pinterest, and share some of our best Pinterest affiliate marketing tips.

How do you do affiliate marketing on Pinterest?

In affiliate marketing, you link the Pin you post with the affiliate link of a product or service you wish to promote. For this, you should first register for a relevant affiliate program and you will be paid if anyone clicks on the affiliate link to make a purchase.

The main options for affiliate marketing are:

  • add affiliate links to Pinterest pins directly.
  • drive traffic from Pinterest to your website or use it for building a mailing list. You can then add affiliate links to your website or in your email newsletter

While it is possible to add affiliate links to the Pins on Pinterest directly, you should be aware that most people do not purchase after clicking the link the first time. So you may be sending visitors to the affiliate link without getting any sales.

How to drive people to your website from Pinterest and make them click on your affiliate links on your blog?

Most Pinterest affiliate marketers are using their Pinterest Pins to drive visitors to their website since they can capture the contact information of the visitors for a long-term relationship.

Additionally, the affiliate link may break after some time, and the traffic from the Pin will be wasted. Hence it is advisable to build bridge pages using a website to collect visitor contact info. Also most affiliate networks will only approve affiliates with a website

To drive visitors to the website,

  • create a post or content which is related to the affiliate link.
  • Then create pins relevant to the post with relevant keywords since Pinterest is mainly a visual search engine. Most marketers create between 3-10 Pins for each post on their website
  • New Pins can be used for the blog post
  • Analyze the results, to find out which Pins send more traffic, and which are not effective, so that future Pins can be generated accordingly

How to add affiliate links to Pinterest?

To add affiliate links for Pins:

  1. First create an idea pin, select the product category using stickers
  2. Add the pin, using relevant affiliate link
  3. Use relevant tags for the pin
  4. Disclose that an affiliate link is posted
  5. the affiliate link can then be customized.

Pinterest affiliate marketing tips and best practices

Some of the top tips for affiliate marketing on Pinterest are:

  • Use a large number of relevant keywords for pins, board descriptions, profiles, so that the Pin will show up more often
  • Like other social networks, users who are posting pins consistently at regular intervals are more likely to be rewarded
  • Pin other users’ content, which is popular to gain followers, and become an authority
  • Monitor pins that are successful so that you can incorporate the better features
  • Join group boards, since other members of the group board and their followers can also view your pins, increasing your total audience.

Best practices for affiliate marketing on Pinterest include building bridge pages, instead of directly linking to the affiliate.

The bridge page is a bridge between the pin and affiliate link used to capture information about the visitor, especially email address, often by offering a freebie like discount. The bridge page usually increases the conversion rate significantly.

Best affiliate programs for Pinterest

While there are a large number of affiliate programs it is important to check the conversion rate, cookie duration, commission offered and earning per click (EPC) while selecting a program. Some of the popular affiliate categories and programs for Pinterest are :

  • Wayfair (Home decor)
  • Priceline (travel)
  • Sonos (Tech)
  • Home Chef (Food and drink)
  • Garden tower project ( gardening)
  • Elizabeth Arden (Beauty and hair products)
  • Rosetta stone ( Education)
  • Blick art materials ( Art & Craft)
  • Amazon associates ( for other categories)

It is important to read the terms of the affiliate program since some programs do not allow the affiliate to post images directly from the website.

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