How To Use Pinterest Analytics? [in 2022]

Pinterest is one of the most popular social media services which is used for sharing images and videos. It is designed in such a way that people can use this platform to look for different images, videos and GIFs when looking for a particular idea or thing.

It is a great platform for businesses too for promoting their products and services while keeping track on their progress through Pinterest Analytics. The main question here is – how to use Pinterest Analytics?

How to check Pinterest Analytics and why is it useful?

Pinterest Analytics can help you to have a better understanding of your presence and progress on this platform.

With the help of Pinterest Analytics, you can get an idea about how well the organic or paid content are doing on Pinterest.

It provides you with some valuable insights that can help you in making some better decisions. This can help you in customizing the contents properly.

How can you see Pinterest Analytics? Well, here are some of the ways:

How to use Pinterest Analytics on the browser?

If you are using web browser, then you have to visit Pinterest and login into your business account.

You can see ‘Analytics’ on the top of the screen.

Click on that and then you have to select ‘Overview’.

How to use Pinterest Analytics in the Pinterest app?

If you are using the Pinterest app on Android or iOS, then open the app first and then login into your business account using credentials.

Now, you can see your profile picture located at the right-hand side bottom.

Tap on that you will be directed to your profile. ű

You can see a graph bar icon on the top left-hand side corner. Tap on that and then select the option ‘Analytics’.

Pinterest Analytics sections

Now that you know how to find Pinterest Analytics, it is important to know more about this section. You will get to access different data when you are using the analytics section. These are:

  • Conversion insights

This can help you in tracking the conversion details of all your paid campaigns

  • Trends

This section offers you to see what is currently trending or popular on Pinterest

  • Audience Insights

This provides you with complete insight and analytics on the followers

  • Video Stats

This provides you with all the essential stats and data related to the videos you upload on Pinterest

Pinterest Analytics Metrics

There are many metrics that you can find under Pinterest Analytics. These metrics can help you in interacting and engaging with the Pins.

You can monitor some of the key metrics in order to track your performance over time. Some of the most important metrics are:

  • Impression: This helps you to know the number of times people have seen your Pins on their screen.
  • Clicks: This shows you the total number of times people have clicked on the Pins that you have uploaded.
  • Engagements: This denotes the total number of engagements of a particular Pin, such as clicks, saves etc.

Pinterest Analytics Overview section

Under the Pinterest Analytics overview section, you can find some of the essential and helpful metrics that can be beneficial for improving your strategies for making content. In order to access that, you can click on the Analytics tab and then select Overview.

Under the Analytics Overview, you will be able to view the main metrics related to your Pin. You can also apply filters to search for information based on the type of device, type of content, format or source to have a better understanding.

Pinterest Analytics Video sections

Pinterest Analytics for Video is the next option that you can use to know how successful your Video Pins are.

Whenever you publish a video pin, you will see that there is an option called ‘views’ that you can click on. You can see the total number of clicks, total time of watch, total views and the number of saves. Thus, you will know all the details about how popular or successful your Video Pins are.


This is all about how to use Pinterest Analytics effectively. You can use this section to know in detail how your Pinterest Business account is doing.

The total impression, engagements, views and more can help you to know a lot about what is working and what is not. Hence, you can improve based on the information and insights.

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