Pinterest Audience Insights: What Is It & How To Use It? [in 2022]

Whether you want to run Pinterest ads and find great audiences or just want to find out more about your Pinterest followers, Pinterest Audience Insights is a great tool for that.

In this Pinterest marketing tutorial, we are going to explain what Pinterest Audience is good for, how to find it and how to use Pinterest Audience Insights to gain valuable insights.

How to view Pinterest Audience Insights and why is it useful?

Pinterest is widely used for marketing products, services and also driving traffic to websites of members. To help members create content that people are looking for, and recycle their existing content, Pinterest launched the Audience Insight feature for business account holders.

Pinterest Audience Insights provides information on the number of users who have viewed or engaged with the Pins you posted and also the categories in which the users are interested in.

To access Audience Insights:

  1. login to your Pinterest business account
  2. select the Pinterest Analytics option from the drop-down menu
  3. the Audience Insights is the last item in the analytics option

Pinterest Audience Insights provides information about the audience for your Pins for the last 30 days only, so most members check the information regularly.

Some of the important definitions for Pinterest audiences:

  •  Your engaged audience: the number of internet users who have engaged with the Pins you posted, or your Pins that others have saved. Liking or saving a pin is considered engaging with the Pin
  •  Your total audience: this is the total number of users and other people who have engaged with or viewed your Pins. This will include the Pins you have created or saved, which may be original Pins or promoted Pins (ads) and Pins that are saved from the account’s claims, as well as claimed websites.
  •  Pinterest’s total audience: the total number of people online who have viewed or engaged with the different Pins posted at Pinterest
  •  Pinterest’s engaged audience: the number of Pinterest members who have engaged with the Pins at Pinterest in any way. These members will have clicked or saved the Pins.

Audience insight will show data for the different categories only for the previous 30 days

What are affinities in Pinterest Audience Insight?

Audience insight also provides information about the top categories in which your audience is interested, their affinities, and also the interests in these specific categories.

You also have the option to compare the affinity of your audience on Pinterest with that of the total audience at Pinterest. You can sort the information on the audience using the percentage of the audience or the affinity of the audience.

This information is specifically relevant to advertisers on Pinterest, since they can create advertisements for their audience, based on their affinities to maximize the conversion rate.

Affinity is an indication of the strength of the interest of your audience in a specific category compared to other members on Pinterest. If your audience has a high affinity for a particular category, they are more likely to view and engage with content in the category.

Some of the popular categories are home & garden, food & drink, DIY & craft, entertainment, design, beauty. Each category is divided further into interests, and these are ranked based on the percentage interested. The affinities of the audience are likely to change depending on the weather conditions and other factors.

How to leverage Pinterest Audience Insights data?

The information about affinities and interests provided in the Audience insights can be used to create relevant content that the members are more likely to view and engage with since they have a greater affinity for some categories.

Additionally, Pinterest also provides information about the location and devices used by the audience for a particular business account.

If the member has chosen to share his or her gender and age with Pinterest, this information will also be available to Pinterest business account holders. This information can be used with other analytics tools like Tailwind analytics and Google analytics to understand the audience better.

The information about the location of the audience can help in marketing or selling products or services that are location specific.

Similar the data about the devices which are used for accessing Pinterest, can help in designing the advertisements, promoted Pins especially video ads.

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