Pinterest Board Cover Size & Specs [in 2022]

On Pinterest, your profile page consists of Pinterest boards on each topic you have set up. Each board has a cover, represented by a photo pinned on the board. You can change your board covers.

I’m working on that project now. If you like, follow this article, and customize your own board covers on Pinterest.

Pinterest Board Cover Size and dimensions

Pinterest uses a standard board cover of 600px high and 600px wide.

Pinterest board cover images cannot be more than 32MB and must be made in a  JPEG or PNG format.

How do to make a Pinterest board cover?

Here is how to make a Pinterest board cover:

  1. Go to
  2. Toward the top of my homepage, in the header box, choose “custom design and input measurements of 600px high by 600px wide because that is the standard board cover size for Pinterest.
  3. Choose your elements. I want to make my profile board as purple as I can, so my photo has a lot of purple in it. Pick your own picture and upload it if needed. I want different photos that reflect the various topics of each of my boards, but I want to match the text and center it on the photos.
  4. On the right in Canva is your workspace. On the left are items you can add to it. Mine is simple with a photo and text.

You may want to consider include any brands you want to use, any colors you like, and whether you want to use the same text or other elements in each of your board covers.

Remember to note what elements you chose so you don’t have to remember them later! There are a lot of choices available, even in the free version of Canva that I use.

How to upload a Pinterest board cover?

  1. On the top of your Canva screen is the option to share. I want to keep my board pictures on my computer so will download each one as I make them. You can also connect to Pinterest and transfer your work directly!
  2. Switch over to Pinterest, to my profile, and find the board of your choice. There is a plus sign on the board which allows you to add a pin by uploading it or adding it from a website.
  3. Besides your pin, you can input a description and save it to my board. Then close your board and go back to your profile. The cover of your choice may not show up immediately.
  4. Close out of Pinterest and then go back to it, open your profile, and then your board. Now the photo should show along with your chosen title. Click the 3 dots beside the edit button and choose Edit board.
  5. Add the board cover and click done.

On my home page. I have one board edited as I want. You can do that with each board that you choose. Soon, each of my board covers will reflect what I want to convey in the image as well as text on my profile on Pinterest.

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