Pinterest Campaign Objectives & Types Explained [in 2022]

If you want to get the highest ROAS from your Pinterest ad campaigns, you have to know what Pinterest ad campaign objectives and types are available.

Free Facebook Page Growth Checklist
Free Facebook Page Growth Checklist

In this Pinterest ads tutorial, we are going to cover the different types of Pinterest campaigns and objectives.

Pinterest campaign objectives & types

Based on the objective specified by the Pinterest advertiser, you will have to choose the ad type while setting up his ad campaign. This determines the formats available for the ad, how much he will bid for the ad in an auction.

The business goals of the advertiser determine the campaign objective. The most popular types of ad campaigns on Pinterest are

  • Brand awareness
  • Video views
  • Consideration
  • Conversion
  • Catalog sales

The advertiser can specify how much he can afford to spend daily advertising or the maximum amount he is willing to pay per conversion, click. Pinterest will automatically adjust the frequency of displaying advertisements according to the budget of the advertiser.

Pinterest Brand awareness ad campaign

Advertisers use Pinterest for increasing awareness of their brand, products or services among Pinterest users and other people, so that they are more likely to purchase the product or service when they require it.

Bidding options for advertisers:

  • Automatic ad management, Pinterest will manage bidding on your behalf
  • The maximum cost for thousand impressions (CPM) which you are willing to pay for viewing the ads can be specified .
  • This is recommended for promoted Pins and Shopping ads

Pinterest Video view ad campaign

Video ads are becoming increasingly popular on Pinterest, so more businesses are using them for marketing. Advertisers can decide how much they will pay for the video views based on the quality of the video views, the average play time for the video and completion rates for the target audience for the video

Bidding: You can specify the maximum amount you are willing to pay when people will view your video for at least two seconds or the maximum cost per view (CPV) . This ensures that you do not have to pay for people who may have accidentally clicked on the video. This is recommended for video pins promoting a specific product or for videos promoting the brand.

Pinterest Consideration ad campaign

The consideration ad campaign focuses on increasing the number of people clicking on the promoted pin, and the advertiser will pay for every click

Bidding options available

  • If you are busy and do not have time to manage bidding you can select the automatic option, and Pinterest will manage the bidding
  • If you do not wish to spend more for visitors or clicks, you can customize the advertising, specifying the maximum cost per click (CPC) you will pay when people click on your ad in grid format. This is recommended for Pinterest collections and carousel ads

Pinterest Conversions ad campaign

The aim of ad campaigns for conversions is to using Pinterest advertising to increase the conversions for a business. You can define the conversion required for your business like orders, registration , subscribing to email list or adding to shopping cart at your website

These ads are recommended for shopping ads, Idea pins, collection ads and you can choose from either of the bidding options listed below.

  • Automatic bidding by Pinterest is recommended if you do not have the time to manually manage the bidding
  • Alternately for better control of advertising can also select custom bidding, specify average cost per action(CPA) and budget which you can afford to pay,when people click on the ad to complete the action specified after visiting your website.

Pinterest catalog sales ad campaign

The ad campaign for catalog sales is to increase the sales of the products listed in the catalog when users will search Pinterest looking for new products or services.These ad campaigns are recommended for shopping pins and collection ads.Like for other ad campaigns on Pinterest, you can choose from

  • Automated ad management by Pinterest to maximize sales, though it may take a few days to optimize the advertising after sufficient data is collected.
  • For customized ad management, especially if you do not have much money to spend, you can specify the daily budget and what is the maximum you are willing to pay for each conversion (CPA)

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