Pinterest Carousel Ads Specs & How To create Them? [in 2022]

A Pinterest carousel ad is likely to appear like a mini slideshow. It consists of 3 to 5 png or jpeg files with a ratio of 2:3 or 1:1 that people swipe through. It is an artistic way to show the features of one’s product or to tell a story.

In this Pinterest ads tutorial, we are going to cover everything you have to know about Pinterest carousel ads.

What are Pinterest Carousel Ads? – Overview

Before, the brand owners use a simple standard pin type of promotion to boost their online presence on Pinterest.

A standard promo ad campaign consists of one single promoted pin image. In 2018, Pinterest has added this unique ad format to the network. It enables the users to show up to 5 cards in one single ad to tell the brand’s story within a single Pin.

These cards are just normal pins that are arranged in one promotion with an indicator grey dots underneath the photos. Each card contains photos with a title, image description, Alt text, and a landing page showing a new range of options for Pin advertisers.

You can view each photo on a carousel by swiping through it. You can have the opportunity to engage with your audience deeply by presenting your brand’s product features, and current multiple products and boosting your presence with a multi-image story.

Pinterest Carousel Ads Specs

If you are promoting a certain brand product and what to show in-depth features and a closer look at different angles or to show related items, this Pinterest carousel ad is the perfect format for you. You can show tons of information as much as you want in a single carousel ad if you cannot have it all stuffed in one image. However, the date you will get from the impression reports will only charge you for one engagement and not per swipe.

Here are the recommended specs for a Pinterest carousel ads:

  • Photos: minimum of 2 pictures and maximum of 5 pictures per carousel
  • File Types Acceptable: .PNG or .JPEG Files
  • Maximum File Size: 32 MB per picture
  • Aspect Ratio: 1:1 or 2:3

Also, take note of these most important details you should have in the carousel.

Title: The carousel ad must have up to 100 characters. (The first 30-35 characters will show up in the user feeds)

Description: The description must have up to 500 characters. (The first 50-6 characters will show up in the user feeds)

How to Create Pinterest Carousel Ads Campaign?

Before you create Pinterest carousel ads, you need to have your photos ready to upload. When you are ready, then you can do the following steps.

1. Log in to your Pinterest Business Hub account.

2. At the top part of the screen, click Ads and then choose “Create Ad

3. Below the “Choose a campaign objective“, choose a goal. Under this option, you need to choose one of the following objectives:

  • Brand awareness
  • Video views
  • Consideration (formerly traffic)
  • Conversions

4. Enter your campaign details. Such as the Campaign name, the status, Campaign budget & schedule, and then click “Continue”

5. Once you get to the next page, then you can customize the following: Ad group details, Targeting details, Budget & schedule, Optimization & delivery, and lastly the Ads.

6. When you reached the “Ads” section, choose the second option: Create a Pin: Standard, video, collections, and carousel.

7. You will be prompted to the “Pin Builder”. Then, you can upload your selected photos for the carousel.

8. You will be asked to pick a pin: “Create a Carousel” or “Create a Collage”. Choose to Create a Carousel, then click Create Pin.

9. There, just like a standard pin, fill in the necessary details for your ad such as the title, description, alt text, and the destination link.

10. Then click Publish.

11. In order to promote your carousel ad, click Review selected pins. Review and modify anything that is necessary for your ad.

12. Finally, click Launch.

Pinterest Carousel Ads – Tips and Best Practices

If you are showcasing a certain product, it is best for you to capture a product from every angle to help your prospects appreciate and imagine your item as if they are seeing it in real life.

That way, it could perhaps lead to a successful sale. If you are a service provider using the carousel ad to promote brand awareness, it’s the perfect way to emphasize your ideas and brand in one single ad with a couple of photos portraying the greatest story you can tell.

You as a brand or a service provider can attract potential clients and audiences when you use Pinterest carousel ads to showcase your products and services on Pinterest.

It will not only be beneficial to you as an advertiser but also to your prospects and social media followers.

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