How To Join Pinterest Creator Fund? [in 2022]

You may have heard of the Pinterest Creator Fund if you’ve been researching Pinterest Creators or how to make money on Pinterest.

This Pinterest tutorial covers everything you need to know about the Pinterest Creator Fund and how to apply.

If you prefer to watch a video tutorial on Pinterest Creator Fund, check out this video tutorial:

What is the Pinterest Creator Fund?

The Pinterest Creator Fund is a platform that offers financial and educational support to eligible Pinterest Creators from marginalized communities to aid in their content production on Pinterest.

The Pinterest Creator Fund provides members with a financial incentive, expert mentorship, and many resources.

The Pinterest Creator Fund was launched in 2021 as one of Pinterest’s newest initiatives dedicated to supporting its Creators, particularly those from disadvantaged minorities, in attaining success on Pinterest. Pinterest stated that they planned to provide $500,000 in cash and media to creators throughout 2021.

How to Join the Pinterest Creator Fund?

Only users from the United States can join the Pinterest Creator Fund following March 2022. On the other hand, Pinterest stated that the program would only be widened to include underrepresented individuals in Brazil and the United Kingdom later this year.

The program should be offered soon if you’re not from the United States. It’s also worth noting that each cohort focuses on a particular type of creator, for example, fashion and beauty.

As a result, you might not be the best fit for every cohort. You might, however, be a good fit for a future cohort! If you’re interested in applying for the Pinterest Creator Fund, go to the Pinterest Creator Fund application website.

Pinterest revealed significant Pinterest Creator Fund developments and launched applications for a new cohort on March 28, 2022. L’Oreal USA backed the March 2022 cohort, which is a piece of great information!

What are the Other Ways to Make Money on Pinterest?

The Pinterest Creator Fund only covers a small number of Creators, so your possibility of winning into the program is slim. Aside from the Creator Fund, there are a few other ways of producing money on Pinterest:

  1. Using Idea Pins and other pins to promote affiliate links.
  2. Starting a blog, monetizing it, and generating visitors via Pinterest.
  3. Creating a store and marketing your goods
  4. Rewards for Pinterest Creators
  5. Sponsored content and brand relationships

How Much Money Can You Make with the Pinterest Creator Rewards Program?

To maximize your rewards, you can set some rules:

  1. Each day, pin at least one campaign goal.
  2. Repin the pins of other Pinterest users daily.
  3. Wait to see how a pin performs before applying it toward a campaign for goals that demand involvement, such as a minimum of 50 saves.

Keep trying out different features like idea pins to get the most out of the platform. Keep track of your analytics to observe which content performs well to generate more of those pins for your audience.

The best advice is to be persistent, produce and upload your own and others’ Pinterest pins three to five times a day, and use the features and tools available, such as Pinterest themes and concept boards.

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