Pinterest Pixel Guide To Track Conversions [in 2022]

Pinterest Pixel is a code snippet that can be placed on your website in order to collect data about the people who visit your site.

This Pinterest Pixel data can then be used to create custom audiences for advertising on Pinterest.

In this Pinterest ads tutorial, we are going to explain the most important things you have to know about the Pinterest Pixel.

What is the Pinterest Pixel? (Pinterest Tag)?

The Pinterest tag or Pinterest Pixel is a few lines of HTML code that you should add to your website, so that Pinterest can track the behavior of visitors from Pinterest ads on your website.

If the tag is implemented, Pinterest can also track the activities of these visitors on your site. This information provided by Pinterest allows you to measure how effective Pinterest advertising is since you will get data on the conversions of the visitors who have viewed or engaged with the Pinterest ad.

The Pinterest tag mainly consists of two components

Base code: is the basic code for the Pinterest tag, and should be included in the code of every page in your website

Event code: Event codes are only placed on website pages, which are linked with conversions like orders, add to checkout, subscription by the visitors to the website

Why installing the Pinterest Pixel is important?

All online advertisers would like to find out how effective their advertising is so that they can optimize it or increase their advertising budget if there is a significant increase in sales.

Some of the benefits of installing the Pinterest tag or pixel to your website are

  • You will be able to track the conversions of Pinterest visitors and optimize the settings for best results
  • Measure how a specific advertising campaign is performing to make relevant decisions
  • Build an audience who can be easily targeted in future advertising campaigns.
  • helps in verification, you will become a verified merchant
  • you can access the insights into conversion data

How to install the Pinterest Pixel tag?

Some of the options for installation of Pinterest tag or pixel are

  • You can install the tag yourself if you have the website management skills
  • Larger businesses having technical support can take their assistance in making the necessary website changes
  • With the most popular CMS platforms, Pinterest has direct integrations.
  • Shopify
  • Magento
  • Woocommerce
  • WordPress
  • Squarespace

The code for the Pinterest Pixel can be obtained from the conversions page of the Pinterest ads manager. It should be pasted in the head section of the website pages.

Types of Pinterest Pixel Events you can implement

Pinterest event tag/pixel can be used to track different events so that conversions information is available and dynamic retargeting can be used to increase sales.

The event tag is only added to specific pages which are tracked. Some types of events which can be tracked are listed

  • Checkout – helps to track visitors who place the order and complete transactions.
  • AddToCart – Track visitors who add items to the shopping cart on your site.
  • PageVisit – Track Pinterest users who view primary pages, such as product pages and article pages.
  • Signup – Get information about visitors who register for your product or service.
  • WatchVideo – Find out the number of viewers for your videos.
  • Lead – Get details of Pinterest users are interested in purchasing your product or service.
  • Search – Find out who has search on the website for specific products.
  • ViewCategory – Track Pinterest users who view category pages.
  • Custom – User can track a custom or user-defined event. Use this event name to track a special event that you want to include in your conversion reporting.

How to test the Pinterest Pixel (Tag) on your website?

The Pinterest ads manager can be used to check whether the Pinterest pixel is properly implemented. Step-wise instructions are

  1. Log in to the business account, choose the ads option and conversions
  2. Click on the test events option and enter the url of the website to launch the website
  3. the website will open in a new tab, and take actions like adding items to shopping card, viewing specific pages like home page which should be logged by Pinterest due to the event code.
  4. After this go the Pinterest business account to check whether the actions on the website are logged, Alternately the Google chrome extension for Pinterest tag helper can also be used for testing

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