Pinterest Rich Pins: Types & How To Create One? [in 2022]

Pinterest rich pins  add context to your content and help to increase your marketing strategy

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Free Facebook Page Growth Checklist

Rich pins use code to extract metadata from the web pages they connect to. As Pinterest is used by 93% of users to plan purchases, Rich Pins can provide valuable details about the products and services to customers.

What is a Rich Pin and Why You Should Create Rich Pins?

Rich Pins are organic pins that automatically link data from the website up to your own Pins.

When you click on a Pin, you’ll see additional information on the image. If something on the source website changes, the rich Pin updates automatically.

Pinterest has over 2 billion monthly searches. Therefore, these rich pins are considered to be free products. In addition, it accounts for 5% of all referral traffic.

  • Rich pins provide you the chance to utilize Pinterest’s features fully.
  • Rich pins draw attention to your content by providing additional information that attracts pinners and gives insight into purchases. Rich pins are branded, with your logo and website name proudly displayed, helping raise brand awareness.
  • Pinterest Rich pins are regularly updated, so your leads are always up-to-date on product availability. Your pin refreshes when you change details about your products.
  • Rich pins improve your content’s discoverability by providing additional data that enables you to appear for more keywords.
  • Pinterest Rich pins can make certain organizations appear more professional: Detailed information about product characteristics and pricing establishes a company’s credibility.

Rich Pin Types

Rich pins appear in a range of forms. Each choice is made to fit a distinct type of material:

  • App pins include an install button that enables users to access apps from Pinterest directly.
  • Recipe rich Pins provide recipes from your site with a recipe title, size of serving, cooking time, reviews, nutrient preference, and ingredient list.
  • The header, title, description, and author of your site’s blog post are all included in article rich Pins.
  • Pins with a lot of product information involve the most recent pricing, product information, and availability.

Note that any changes you make to your site will instantly update article and recipe rich Pins. We’ll reveal information about your rich pin if you’ve followed our merchant policies and the product is in stock.

Setting Up Rich Pins on Pinterest?

It requires two steps to set up Rich Pins:

To begin, you will need to include metadata in your site’s content. Check out our entries on the article, product, and recipe Pins to discover what metadata is provided in every type of Rich Pin.

Open Graph and are some of the formats that are widely used. If you upload metadata to your page for various sorts of Rich Pins, the type of Pin displayed is determined by priority.

Rich Pin data has a focus of 1. App Pins, 2. Product Pins Pins, 3. for recipes, and 4. Pins for articles. Second, subscribe to Rich Pins. Before your Rich Pins become visible on Pinterest, you must first verify them.

Select any desired page on the website where metadata has been added. Validate your URL by inserting it into our validator. Correct any metadata issues you discover. Pick any one of your three options to show how you marked up your pages: HTML Tags, Embed, or Shopify. Now, click Apply.

How to Validate a Rich Pin With the Rich Pin Validator?

Before you can use your rich Pins, you must first validate them. This is to confirm that your data is updated correctly.

If your website has some item, blog, or menu information, rich meta tags must be included on those web pages.

After adding meta tags to your web pages, now use the Rich Pins validator to validate one of your completely marked-up content pages. You’ll notice an approval message if the webpage you’re applying with is appropriately marked.

The process of your application will take 24 hours to receive it. If your page is finally approved after you created a new Pin, all material from webpages with the appropriate meta tags will then appear as Rich Pins. These will now show in place of Pins that are already existing to pages with rich meta tags.

Can’t Create A Rich Pin

Your browser, computer, or mobile device may be causing issues with your existing Pins. To minimize errors, you can try rebooting your device, clearing the cache and data in your browser, and updating the app to the newest version.

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