Pinterest SEO Tips To Get More Followers and Traffic [in 2022]

Since Pinterest is basically a search engine for images and videos, Pinterest search engine optimization (Pinterest SEO) will help you get more views on Pinterest and drive more traffic to your website.

In this Pinterest marketing tutorial, we are going to share the best Pinterest SEO tips and factors that can get you more Pinterest followers and return on your Pinterest marketing.

What is Pinterest SEO and why is it important?

Pinterest SEO is optimizing the Pinterest profile, Pins, and other parameters so that the content will rank well in Pinterest searches and send more visitors. With millions of users in the United States and other countries, Pinterest is a major source of traffic for a large number of websites and can help businesses increase their sales significantly.

Ranking well on Pinterest is important for users because top-rated Pins can send visitors for several months and years, compared to posts on social media websites like Facebook and Twitter which mainly reward fresh content.

So using the best practices for ranking well on Pinterest can result in a huge number of visitors for members with a business account, increasing advertising or affiliate revenues and product sales.

Most important SEO ranking factors on Pinterest

Some of the important factors for SEO ranking on Pinterest are

  • Pin description, whether it uses relevant keywords
  • Image name, and file name should have the keywords
  • The board name should be include relevant keywords and also be relevant
  • Board description: the description of the board where the Pin is posted should contain the keywords, it is better to write sentences for keyword description
  • Board value : Pinterest decides the value of each board based on the engagement rate which considers the number of comments, likes, repins, number of followers,the number of pins, value of the board owner’s profile.
  • Value of the profile of board owner: Pinterest values board owners who engage with the Pinterest community and are considered authorities on Pinterest. Some of the factors determining a profile value are the number of followers, engagement rate based on comments, repins, likes, and other factors
  • Pinner’s profile value : If the Pinner is not the board owner, the value of his profile
  • Community involvement: The pins of a member who is involved in the community, posting pins, and engaging with others, helps improve the ranking
  • Engagement rate: the number of times the Pin was viewed and how often users engaged with it
  • Likes and Repins : Pin rank is usually higher for Pins with more likes and repins
  • The freshness of pin matters for smart feed, though it is less relevant compared to other search engines
  • Website pin origin: Pinterest will rank Pins from websites with more Pins higher
  • Location: Users in different countries are likely to view content most relevant to the country
  • Gender of searcher: In some niches like fashion, searches are often gender-specific
  • Rich pins: Rich Pins have more information and rank better in search.

Pinterest Keyword research

Pinterest members can use the Pinterest Keyword research tool to find out the search volumes for relevant keywords. The tool is available in business accounts, for ads, create a promoted pin, and specifically that the campaign objective is to drive traffic.

The user can enter a list of relevant keywords and get the search volume for each of the keywords. This list should be saved, so that it can be used further. The guided search feature can also be used to find relevant keywords.

The keywords with the highest search volume should be added to

  • business name
  • Pinterest profile name
  • Pinterest board title and descriptions
  • Pin description and file name for images

Pinterest SEO tips and tactics

Some effective Pinterest SEO tactics to increase the views and engagement rate on Pinterest are

  • Set up a Pinterest business account free to access the additional tools for keyword research and access analytics data
  • The profile should display relevant keywords for the business
  • Bio, file names should be attractive and use related keywords
  • Claim website , add the Pinterest tag to the website, to track conversions on the website
  • Follow other Pinterest accounts
  • Board names, description should be SEO friendly
  • Post original, interesting pins regularly
  • Use Rich pins, Pinterest ads especially Promoted pins
  • Publish video pins, which are becoming very popular
  • Write a relevant Pin description and title after doing keyword research

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