Pinterest Shopping Ads Specs & How To Create Pinterest Shopping Ads?

With 400 million users, Pinterest is the ideal marketing channel for online sellers, since Pinterest users are usually looking for things to buy.

One of the most effective Pinterest ad formats is the Pinterest Shopping ad that you have to take advantage of if you want to be successful in Pinterest advertising.

In this Pinterest ads tutorial, we are going to cover the most important things you have to know about Pinterest Shopping ads.

Pinterest Shopping ads overview

The shopping ads displayed on Pinterest are created automatically from the product feed upload. The product feed will require detailed information like the product category, description, brand, image, price, link . This information is imported in the ad manager.

One of the main benefits of advertising on Pinterest is that the product advertised will get views even after the advertising has stopped, if the shopping ad pin is saved or shared. The shopping ad can be linked to the online store and is a very effective way to increase traffic to the online store.

In addition to the shopping ads which showcase the product, Pinterest has other ad formats like buyable Pin and catalog. The buyable Pin allows the buyer to directly purchase the product displayed in the pin. In the catalog mode, multiple products are displayed at a time, so that the user can choose from multiple shopping pins

Pinterest Shopping ads specs and sizes

Shopping ads feature one image at a time and allow people to purchase products they find on Pinterest. Shopping ads follow the same specs as static Pins and ads.

  • The specifications of the shopping ads should be as follows:
  • Image File type : PNG or JPEG.
  • Maximum file size : 20 MB, blurred images should not be used
  • Aspect ratio : Pinterest recommends using a 2:3 aspect ratio, or 1000 x 1500 pixels. Pins with an aspect ratio greater than 2:3 might get cut off in users feeds.
  • Title character count: maximum of 100 characters are allowed in the title, and usually the first 40 characters are displayed when the shopping ad is displayed. If the shopping ad has a title it will be displayed in the search description or home pin. If no title is entered, no information will be shown in the home feed.
  • Description: Can have up to 500 characters. The descriptions are mainly used by the Pinterest algorithm to determine relevance of a shopping ad, so a better description will ensure that the right people view the ad. However, the description does not appear in home feed, search feed and when ads are viewed closely.

How to create a Pinterest Shopping Ads campaign?

To create a Pinterest shopping ad

  1. Log into your business account
  2. Select the click ads option at the top of the screen, to create the shopping ad
  3. For the business goal, select the shopping ad option
  4. enter campaign details, and click to continue and enter a name for the ad group
  5. Select the budget, schedule,optimization of ads, targeting preferences based on interest or keyword, delivery of ads. For catalog sales, choose the product group which should be added to the ad group.
  6. Review the information and launch the ad campaign.

The bulk editor can also be used for setting up a shopping ad campaign by downloading the sample shopping sheet, filling it with the relevant data and uploading it.

Pinterest Shopping ads tips and best practices

Some of the best practices for getting the best results from shopping ads on Pinterest are

  • The Pinterest shopping ads should be relevant and have all the information since the most users will view the pin for less than three seconds
  • use vertical format for the ads
  • overlay text to images, though less text should be used
  • Short videos are very effective for branding, and they should be used in an engaging way
  • The content should be of value – like checklist, how to lists
  • the brand logo should be included in all images
  • customize the ad copy based on content
  • motivate the user to take action like download, subscribe, install based on the pin posted
  • test the various ad formats, to find out which is more effective
  • plan ahead based on seasonal trends, since many shoppers plan their purchases well in advance
  • the landing page should be relevant and similar to the shopping ad
  • catalogs can be used for remarketing, based on visitor behavior
  • use the automatic bidding option wherever possible
  • choosing the most relevant objective for the ad campaign like traffic, conversion, app install, branding or video views

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