Pinterest Video Ads Specs & How To Create Pinterest Video Ads? [in 2022]

The video content on Pinterest has increased more than ten times on Pinterest, with short videos being extremely popular. So considering the increasing popularity of videos online, Pinterest advertising has introduced Pinterest video ads for branding, driving traffic and other purposes.

Free Facebook Page Growth Checklist
Free Facebook Page Growth Checklist

In this Pinterest advertising tutorial, we are going to cover the most important things you have to know about Pinterest video ads.

Pinterest video ads overview

The video ads on Pinterest look like the standard Pins on the feed of the user and are of the same size. The video ads will autoplay when viewed by the user with the sound muted.

When the user will click on the ad, sound will be audible, he can replay it or get a better view of the video. The video ads have a promoted tag on them, however, if a user will save the video ad, the promoted tag will be removed.

If a video ad is saved by a large number of people, the advertiser will get a large number of page views for the video without spending any additional money.

While the Pinterest standard feed has two columns and a standard video ad is one column wide, Pinterest also offers max width video ads.

These Pinterest video ads are twice the width of the standard ad and help in grabbing the attention of the viewer, with their larger size. However, these ads are only visible on Android phones and iPhones , they are not visible on other devices like tablets, desktops.

Collection video ads are also available, which are a series of video ads for different products. These ads have a hero image or video which is displayed in the feed, and after clicking the hero image/video, the viewer is transported to the collection which may have up to 25 videos

Pinterest Video ads specs – Standard video vs. Max width video

All the Pinterest videos require files of type .mov, .mp4 or .m4v. The maximum size of the video is 2 GB and the length is between 4 seconds to 15 minutes.

The title can have a maximum of 100 characters and the description should be 500 characters or less.

The standard Pinterest video ads are visible on all devices, while the Maxwidth videos are only visible on smartphones.

The objectives for standard ads are brand awareness, video views, cost per click, or cost per action/conversions, while the objective for max width videos is only video views or brand awareness.

The max-width video has an audio button that can be toggled to switch it on. The video also depends on the device settings.

How to create a Pinterest Video Ad campaign?

The procedure for setting up a video ad campaign on Pinterest is as follows

  1. login to your business account and select the create ad option
  2. choose the goal for your campaign which may be increasing traffic, brand awareness, conversions or video views
  3. select your interests based on the products you sell, there are several categories you can choose from
  4. specify your daily or total budget, bid for CPV and how frequently the ad has to be displayed
  5. decide which videos and pins will be displayed in this campaign. If you already have some videos in your business account, you can use them else you can upload new videos which conform to the video specifications described above.

Pinterest Video ads tips and best practices

Video ads are extremely effective for marketing, especially if they are fun and engaging. However, it is advisable to keep the duration of the video ads short between four seconds and fifteen seconds, since it was observed that these ads had the best conversion rate. Other best practices for video ads are

  • Pinterest video ads should be in vertical format like other pins and relevant to what the user is searching for
  • incorporate the logo of the brand in all the video ads
  • the video ads should include a call to action like subscription or purchasing items for higher conversion
  • users are more likely to click on ads with valuable content like checklists and how to lists
  • test the various ad formats for video ads to check the effectiveness, using the analytics data provided
  • the landing page for the video ad, should have a design similar to the video ad for better conversion
  • video ads can be effectively used for remarketing, converting those have visited the pin, video earlier to customers, or engaging them

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