How To Post Videos On Pinterest? [in 2022]

Pinterest is one of the most popular and best search engines for visual content. In the past, you could only post photos on Pinterest, but now you can post videos on Pinterest as well. You should know that video pins can say a lot more things about your company or brand.

Can you post videos on Pinterest?

Yes, you can post videos on Pinterest. Video pins have a perfect cover image that attracts an audience. If you are an advertiser you can create video ads on Pinterest. But if your video violated the community guidelines, you may lose your access to video pins.

How to post videos on Pinterest?

Now, you need to know how to post videos on Pinterest? At first, you need to open your Pinterest account and after that, you should follow these steps:

  1. You should click on the plus icon and click on the create pin button.
  2. After that, you should drag and drop your video file here. You should click on the up arrow and choose the video that you want to upload here.
  3. You can add an SEO title here and write some descriptions about the video.
  4. You can also add a web link to your blog post, website link, web address and all. You can also add your YouTube video link.
  5. You will have to select the perfect board from the selected menu on the right side.
  6. At last, you can click on the publish button.

How to upload videos on Pinterest using your mobile phone? (Android and iPhone)

You can post your videos on Pinterest by using your mobile phone whether it is an Android or iPhone. You need to visit the website of Pinterest. The process of posting videos on Pinterest is the same as on every platform.

  1. You will have to go to the official page of Pinterest and log in to the account. Apart from this, you can also use their mobile app. From there, you can go to. From the home page, you can go to your profile by simply tapping on the profile icon. From there, you should upload your video.
  2. After selecting to create the new pin, you can choose the selected video that you want to upload. But you need to be sure that your chosen video should obey the format, size and ratio aspect as well.
  3. After selecting your video, you need to add some description to it. You should remember that short videos have more views on Pinterest.

Apart from this, you should not upload a Pinterest video without giving an appropriate and interesting title. You should add some hot and trendy keywords to increase the search results.

How to bulk upload video pins?

If you want so many videos at a time on Pinterest then, you should click on Bulk create pins. You can get that button on the Pinterest setting menu. But this tool is available for some selected video creators. You can upload 200 videos here at once.

You should use the sample spreadsheet to begin. You can also pre-examine the spreadsheet before uploading videos to avoid any kinds of issues. You can also set up scheduled publishing dates for your videos.

After evaluating your videos, the Pinterest team will send you an email to confirm that your videos were uploaded successfully. You will get the email if anything needs to be fixed.

Video Pin Specs

If you are having trouble with Pinterest video ad specs then, you need to know everything to start posting professional videos on Pinterest. Pinterest is used by women, crafters, foodies and photographers as well. It is a great platform for people who have interests in travel, parenting, design, and all.

When you are posting a video on Pinterest then, you should remember the fact that most of the users and audience are using Pinterest from their mobile phones. So, you will have to obey the video aspect ratio. You should stick to their recommended aspect ratio.

You can upload videos ranging from 4 seconds to 15 minutes. The video should be 2 GB in size that you cannot exceed. You can use pin creation tools for more fun. You should not forget to add a URL to your pin. It will take your audience straight to your product page and brand page as well.

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