How To Post Videos On Reddit? [in 2022]

In this Reddit tutorial, we are going to show you how to upload and post videos to Reddit.

Can you upload videos to Reddit?

Reddit users can have multiple options for posting videos on Reddit. Reddit has an app for Android phones, iPhones/iPad which allows you to create and upload a video to Reddit using your smartphone or tablet. You can also upload videos that you have stored on your smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop to Reddit.

Alternately you can share a video from Youtube or any other video hosting service either by embedding it or linking to it.

You should be aware that you can post your videos only to communities that allow members to post videos. There are also restrictions on the size and duration of the video. The video should be less than 1 GB in size, and the duration of the video should be 15 minutes or less.

How to upload and post videos to Reddit?

Though there are many apps available for posting videos to Reddit, it is advisable to use the official Reddit app.

  • You should download the app from the Google Play store for android phones, and App Store for iPhone or iPad.
  • Then select the new post option and choose video post.
  •  Then select a subreddit for posting the video, ensuring that the subreddit allows the user to post videos. To maximize the number of people watching the video, you should choose a community that is relevant to the topic of the video which is being recorded.

You can either choose to record a new video using the Reddit app camera or upload it from the smartphone/tablets gallery.

After recording the new video, for the upload option, you should

  1. select the camera
  2. Choose cover
  3. then use video.

If you want to upload the video from the gallery on your phone:

  1. Select the library option
  2. Select the video, cover image and upload it
  3. Choose an interesting title
  4. Post the video.

For uploading from a desktop or laptop, here is what you have to do:

  1.  Log in to Reddit using the browser.
  2. From subreddits subscribed to, select the subreddit, video and image tab,
  3. Click the upload button, and choose the video. The video should be in MP4 or MOV format.
  4. Give an attractive title
  5. Give tags to the video like OC for original content, Spoiler or NSFW (, not safe for work)
  6. Post the video.

How to post a YouTube video on Reddit?

Many people are using Reddit for promoting their YouTube videos, but they should be careful not to annoy the members of the community to which the YouTube video is being posted.

Hence it is advisable to check the rules of the community where the youtube video is being posted. Members can either link or embed their YouTube videos on Reddit.

For posting the YouTube video on Reddit by linking it, the process is described below:

  • Create a post in the subreddit which allows videos to be posted.
  • link to the video, in a way that appears natural to avoid being flagged for self-promotion.
  • To create a good impression, the post should be checked to ensure that there are no spelling or grammar mistakes before posting it

Embedding a video is another way Reddit users can access the YouTube video. This option is often preferred by experienced Reddit users, since it is easier to view embedded videos, and they often get more page views. The procedure for embedding is as follows

– find a suitable subreddit, start a new post

  • then click the link tab to embed the YouTube video.
  • decide the title for the post, recheck the URL of the video
  • publish the post.

Can’t post a video on Reddit

One of the main reasons why the user cannot post the video to Reddit is that the subreddit selected may not allow members to post videos.

In some other cases, the video may not be in MP4 or MOV format, which are the only formats acceptable to Reddit. Videos that are more than 1 GB in size or are more than 15 minutes long will also not get uploaded, since they do not comply with Reddit rules.

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