Reddit Ad Targeting Options Explained [in 2022]

One needs to have the right approach to target the right Reddit users with Reddit ads. You do not need to focus on the demographics rather you can reach the users on the basis of what they like, what they are passionate about and what places they are moat engaged at.

In this Reddit ads tutorial, we are going to explain all your Reddit ad targeting options you have and also explain Reddit custom audiences.

If you prefer to watch an introductory video on Reddit ads, Reddit ad targeting and custom audiences, check out this video:

Reddit Ad Targeting & Audience Options

Coming to the targeting options, there are mainly two types:

  • Reddit Audience- which defines the audience on basis of Location, Interest, device & many more.
  • Custom Audience- This involves reaching your existing audience and then re-engaging them or excluding them from looking at particular ads.
  • Reddit Pixel retargeting- This involves re-engaging the audience who have visited the particular website as caught by the Reddit Pixel & then increasing the conversion rate.

Reddit Ads Location & Device Targeting

One of the most useful Reddit targeting methods is Location Targeting. Location targeting is done on the basis of the location of the audience when the advertisement is served. This type of targeting method ensures that the user is seeing an ad that is relevant to his location.

For example, advertisers in a particular country can also narrow down targeting to a city or state level thereby ensuring that the right person sees the ad.

So how to set your location targeting?

If you want to add locations in your targeting always enter 1 location or place at a single time. Similarly to exclude location, click on the Exclude button & enter the locations you want to exclude. Also, you can click on the Bulk entry option to paste a whole set of locations.

On the other hand, device targeting is the method of sharing the audience strictly based on the device and operating system. While setting up your ad campaign you can choose the device type group you want to target.

So users who are using the device that you selected, while browsing on Reddit can see that particular ad. For example, if you are promoting an Android App, the targeting will be Mobile &Android. Device targeting ensures better control performance.

Reddit Ads Interest Targeting

Reddit ads interest targeting refers to showing the ad to audiences based on their interests.

While setting up and operating an ad campaign you get to choose the interests of the audience you want to target. This method will help to target the users who have recently shown interest in those communities or interacted with certain content that you have targeted.

The list of the interest you can target with Reddit ads include animals and pets, automotive, food and drinks, business and finance, art and designs, gaming, news and entertainment and so on. This is a board targeting option and does not allow the advertisers to get very specific.

However, if you do not want to target any particular entire group and what to be a little specific, you can uncheck boxes right next to subgroups that you do not want to include 7 keep the ones you want to include.

Reddit Ads community targeting

Reddit ads community targeting involves targeting audiences by sharing the ads based on the communities they are already involved with. While setting your ad campaign you can choose the communities that match your product or service.

Reddit users who are most active in such communities or who have recently stepped into those communities will be able to see the ad. While creating the ad campaign, you can start by typing the community name you are looking forward to the target.

In order to target a more specific audience and some related communities, you can easily pair the interest targeting with the community targeting.

Reddit Custom Audiences: Customer List Targeting

Reddit Customer List targeting is the process of narrowing down the audience you are looking forward to targeting (through suppressing or targeting a few existing audience segments). For example, if you want to attract new customers, you will have to create the customer list by:

  1. Uploading the list of emails for your existing customers
  2. Exclude this list.

I hope this article on various methods of conducting Reddit ad targeting was useful to you!

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