How Much Do Reddit Ads Cost? [in 2022]

How much do Reddit ads cost? What are the influencing factors of Reddit ad pricing? Many things will decide the cost of Reddit ads, and you can have a better idea after going through this article.

If you are newbie when it comes to Reddit advertising, also check out this introductory video on Reddit ads and Reddit ads costs:

How Much Do Reddit Ads Cost?

You can start advertising on Reddit by spending only $5 per day, and you can spend much more as well. Users of Reddit can buy ads on CMP or a cost-per-mile basis, and they can buy 1,000 impressions.

You will find auction-style ads on Reddit, and it will cost you $0.20 per bid. The price of ad bids will vary based on the users looking for the same targets. When more brands target the same audience, you will have to spend more on the auction.

How much do Reddit ads cost? You can consider the above based on your brand and budget. However, you can expect better communication if you use ads, and the end cost will not be more when planned intelligently.

How Do Reddit Ads Pricing Work? What Factors Influence Its Pricing?

Many factors will decide the cost of Reddit ads. While setting up your campaign, you will have to set a budget.

There will be a lifetime and daily budget. When the lifetime budget decides the budget for the lifetime, the daily budget is about the maximum spending per day.

Your set budget will reflect the maximum amount you can spend on ads, and you might need to spend less based on how ads will do in the auction. However, you will have to pay a minimum of $5 per day, and also, there will be a minimum amount of the bid based on locations.

Reddit Ads Bidding and Budget Types

There will be two types of the budget, and you will have to set the maximum amount for each. These two types are daily budget and lifetime budget. The daily budget means you will have to decide on the amount you will spend on the ad group per day.

You might need to deliver a bit more or less than the set value. However, there will not be any significant variation. The lifetime budget will be about lifetime expenses on ads. Lifetime means you will have to enter an amount for a given date range.

Your ad group will deliver based on the set budget, and once you reach that budget, your ads will turn off. Also, there will be different bid types, and Reddit uses a second-price auction. Hence, the top bid for any set will clear the second-highest bid with $0.01 extra.

In bidding types, there will be CPM, CPC, and CPV. When CPM promotes brand awareness with 1,000 impressions, CPC offers traffic conversions, and users can add it per click. CPV will focus on a video campaign.

You will have to understand the objective and usage of every bid before considering any. All will serve a specific purpose, and you can expect maximum benefits with a better understanding.

Reddit Ads Average CPM, CPM

How much do Reddit ads cost? Many things, including the bids, will decide the cost.

There are different types of ad bids on Reddit, and the ad bids are the maximum amounts users can spend. The CPM bid is the amount you can spend to have 1000 views.

However, users will have to pay less if they win since they will have to pay the second-highest and one-cent extra.

For example, if your bid is $30 and the second-highest bid is $25, you will have to pay $25 for 1000 views. In brief, the CPM is $25 plus one cent for 1000 views.

How to Optimize Reddit Ads for Lower Cost and Higher ROI?

There are many ways to optimize your Reddit ads, and you can start with your campaign objective. Make sure that your campaign objective complements your marketing goals. Once you set the campaign objective, you cannot change it. Hence, you will have to plan carefully.

Organize ad groups properly to track results and adjust your bid and budget. You can organize ad groups based on the device type and target your audience strategically. Plan for long-term benefits and expand your reach with creativity.

Monitor your Reddit ad campaigns campaign and optimize it whenever needed.

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