How To Advertise On Reddit? [in 2022]

Do you want to know how to advertise on Reddit? Are you looking for some proven ways to expand your reach? If yes, you are in the right place.

Free Facebook Page Growth Checklist
Free Facebook Page Growth Checklist

In this Reddit ads tutorial, we are going to show you how to advertise on Reddit, how Reddit ads work, and how much are Reddit ads.

How to Advertise on Reddit & How do Reddit Ads Work?

You will find advertising on Reddit easy and cost-effective, and you can start whenever you want by following a few steps. You will have to set up an ad account on Reddit to start advertising. There will be options for different types of users.

Reddit offers the best solution to large-scale businesses as well as beginners. You can consider a minimum $30,000 quarterly budget to promote your business. If you find the quarterly budget high, you can use the self-serve ads feature.

The self-serve ads are less expensive, and you will have to spend only $5 per day. Self-serve ads can be the best for those with a limited budget. However, Reddit features an auction model, and advertisers will have to bid against each other for impressions.

There will be three types of bids, CPV, CPC, and CPM, and the objectives of these bids will vary. But these ads will have some improved features, including a CTA button and text or images, with ad placement in Conversations or Feed.

You can start with self-serve ads when you are a beginner, and you can also consider this option with a restricted budget. But you will have to go through the Reddit advertising policy to know about the restricted and prohibited ads.

There will be some editorial requirements for Reddit ads, and you will have to make sure that your ads are accurate, legible, and functional. Otherwise, Reddit might reject your ads.

How to Start Advertising on Reddit?

Now you have ideas about the requirements of Reddit ads. Next, you will know how to advertise on Reddit and get the desired exposure. Here are step-by-step instructions you can go through to start advertising on Reddit.

Step One: Create a Reddit Ads Account

Visit and enter the details of your company and sign up.

Step Two: Add Features to Make Your Account More Appealing

You will have many features to get the desired exposure. You can add an avatar to boost engagement and win the trust of your followers. Find a suitable inventory type and choose a payment method.

Step Three: Troubleshoot During Account Creation

If you experience any problem while setting up your account, you can visit the help center to fix the issue. In some cases, you might find that your account is not available. It will happen when Reddit suspends your user account.

When your account is unavailable for a temporary period, you can get support and find ways to activate it again. The support team will answer all your queries related to the Reddit Ads account.

Step Four: Manage Permissions & Users

If you want to add users to your Reddit ads account, you will have to get help from Reddit. You will get step-by-step instructions to go further.

How to Start Running a Reddit Ad Campaign?

First, you will have to decide your audience and target and the ways to reach them. You will have to set a budget for your campaign. Once you have an idea about your target, the medium to expand your reach, and your budget, you can plan the next step.

You can create campaigns, ad groups, and ads. Here are the details for your ad campaign on Reddit.

  • Log in to the account.
  • Find the + Create Campaign button on the dashboard and click on it.
  • You can use up to 200 characters to name your campaign.
  • Use your debit or credit card to confirm your funding,
  • Choose your campaign objective and ensure that the campaign meets your goals, including brand awareness, conversions, traffic, app installs, and video views.

Reddit Ads Pricing

You can start advertising on Reddit by spending only $5 per day, and you can spend much more as well. Users of Reddit can buy ads on CMP or a cost-per-mile basis, and they can buy 1,000 impressions.

You will find auction-style ads on Reddit, and it will cost you $0.20 per bid. The price of ad bids will vary based on the users looking for the same targets. When more brands target the same audience, you will have to spend more on the auction.

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