What Are Reddit Coins & What Do Reddit Coins Do? [in 2022]

What Are Reddit Coins?

Reddit coins are a digital currency, and you can always use them on Reddit to purchase Reddit gold or awards for Reddit users whose comments matter to you. If you love the post, video message, or comment of a specific user you can always express your appreciation for the same by purchasing some award with Reddit coins.

Because Reddit takes user experience extremely seriously, they launch new awards once in a while. Another unique highlight of Reddit coins is that it lets you use Reddit without having to deal with those pesky advertisements.

How to purchase Reddit Coins?

Purchasing Reddit coins is pretty simple. Just navigate to the main homepage of Reddit coins to purchase the coins from your PC. Alternatively, if you’re on a tablet or mobile, just tap your specific avatar on the profile page and then tap Reddit Coins which is highlighted in a bold gold-tone on the same page.

If you want to view your Reddit coin balance from a PC, just click your username in the upper-right navigation panel. You can do the same on your mobile with a simple tap on the avatar.

Unfortunately, Reddit still doesn’t allow transferring coins between multiple accounts. Having said that, when a specific user gets multiple awards, they get one interesting perk- free Reddit coins. That means when you get that fancy award for the post you loved, the user will not just get the award but also an opportunity to earn free Reddit coins.

Now that you have an answer to ‘What are Reddit coins’, let’s dig deeper and find out what you can do with these digital currencies.

What do Reddit coins do?

As you can probably guess at this point, Reddit coins are the only digital currency of Reddit that lets you purchase different awards, more gold, and everything in between.

The best part: when you get Reddit coins, you wouldn’t even have to shuffle through ads. For many individuals, this is a crucial aspect because advertisements often tend to destroy the kind of social media experience you’re looking for.

So, if you are tired of irrelevant advertisements popping up in the middle of Reddit posts and videos, you can get these coins and do away with the ads permanently.

Next, we come to the biggest highlight of the Reddit coins. As mentioned earlier, Reddit coins let you award posts, videos, and comments that you believe are exemplary, to say the least. When you purchase Reddit coins, you get some options for purchasing three default awards including Gold, Silver, and Platinum.

Reddit Awards

The cheapest award is the silver award which only costs 100 coins. When you get this award for someone, they get the award badge on their profile. Next, we come to the Gold award that costs 500 Reddit coins and when you get the award for the recipient, they receive the award badge, 100 Reddit gold coins, seven full days of unlimited access to the r/lounge, and the most important perk- browsing without advertisements.

Finally, we come to the most expensive award, namely the Platinum award. This award will cost you 1800 Reddit coins and when you award a recipient Platinum, they get 700 Reddit coins along with 30 days of unlimited viewing and access to the iconic r/lounge. As with the other awards, advertisement-free browsing is an additional perk.

In addition to these mentioned awards, Reddit also launches new awards every month. This way, you will always have something interesting in case you are willing to showcase specific posts or comments.

How do you get Reddit coins?

As you already know, Reddit coins let you buy awards and enjoy a premium experience on Reddit devoid of any advertisements. You also get some additional privileges that further elevate your experience on the platform.

Reddit awards also stack over. That means when you get multiple awards on a specific day, you end up getting the full benefits of both the awards. Reddit has introduced this policy to ensure that people share more content and engage in the platform. Even though Reddit Karma might appear the same, awards offer several relevant benefits that Karma fails to provide.

Finally, if you get these coins from time to time, it funds the social media platform and keeps it going.

How much do Reddit coins cost?

Reddit Coins that are now being labeled as Reddit Premium will cost you $5.99 every month if you are purchasing them right now. Before January 2019, the same coins were available at a cheaper price of $3.99 per month.

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