What is Reddit Gold? Is It Worth It? [in 2022]

If you’ve recently heard about Reddit Gold and are now wondering how it works, you are in the right place. This beinnger Reddit tutorial will tell you everything you should know about Reddit Gold so keep on reading to learn more.

What is Reddit Gold?

Reddit Gold is the premium membership on Reddit. Anybody on Reddit can reward comments and posts from other users with visible platinum, silver, or gold commendation. The awards cost coins that are paid virtual goods brought directly on a site.

Usually, the awards are given as a way to acknowledge the special post, whether it is a detailed book review or a good pun. This premium membership can also be given because somebody in the subreddit has a great amount of money to spend. This practice of awarding the post is known as “gilding.”

Gilded comments and posts are usually more visible as well as receive more upvotes. It is common for amazing posts to be awarded several times by various users.

What does Reddit Gold do?

It provides you with more features like additional comment filters, access to /r/lounge, the private Subreddit for the Gold members, an ability to turn off the ads, and a badge.

How much does Reddit Gold cost?

It costs $5.99 per month – a bit more than the previous fee which was $3.99 USD per month.

Benefits of Reddit Gold

  1. Enjoy Reddit Ads Free

It is especially useful since ad blocker extensions do not always work.

  1. Monthly Reddit Coins

You get 1,000 Reddit Coins on the first purchase, and then 700 Reddit Coins every month you’re a member thereafter.

  1. Reddit Theme Changes

Even though theme changes are not necessary to the Reddit experience, they are a nice option to have if you want to see something different.

  1. You Can Create Your Custom Snoo

Snoo is Reddit’s mascot. You can design and share your Snoo and name him whatever you’d like.

  1. New Comment Highlighting

This is considered one of the greatest perks of having a premium membership. With a Comment Highlighting feature, any new comments made since the last time you visited Reddit are highlighted.

  1. The Ability To Remember Previous Reddit Links That You Visited Across Various Computers

This feature allows you to remember the last links and posts you have visited on any computer.

  1. You Can Create The Premium Members-only Subreddits

This feature allows you to create your hidden subreddit that can only be seen by fellow Reddit users.

  1. More Comments Per Page

The non-premium users get only 500 comments loaded when they open a thread, but if you are a Reddit gold user, you get 1,500 comments loaded at a time.

  1. View Saved Comments

This Reddit feature allows you to save your favorite comments. Then you will be able to view your saved comments in an individual subreddit they’ve been posted.

  1. Write Notes About Your Friends On A Site

This is a private feature and can’t be shown to anybody else. It allows you to remember your friends and their secrets.

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