What Is Reddit Karma & How To Get It? [in 2022]

Reddit is one of the most popular websites with millions of users. Since anyone can register and create a free account on Reddit, Reddit uses Reddit Karma to help users determine whether a particular member can be trusted. More information on What is Reddit Karma & How to get it? is provided below

What is Reddit Karma?

Reddit Karma is a kind of user score on Reddit, it combines the number of positive up-votes and negative down-votes the user has received on Reddit. If a user has a high Karma it indicates that the user is active on Reddit, posting regularly and his comments are well-liked in the community.

Like other large websites, Reddit also has some fake users, spammers and bots, and these users often get down-votes for the content they post, since people do not like it, so their karma is often negative. Users should be careful while taking decisions based on what users with low karma have posted.

The karma of a user is a combination of comment karma and post karma. The karma which a user gets when the post he has started on Reddit is up-voted, is called Post Karma. When a user posts a comment on an existing Reddit post and it is up-voted, he will get additional comment karma.

The comment karma is added to the Post Karma to get the total Karma for the user. Reddit users can increase their karma by focusing on posts or comments, though experts believe that it is better to use a combination of both.

What is Reddit Karma Used for?

Reddit Karma is an indication of the credibility of a Reddit user, the user having high karma is trusted by the community members. The member with high karma is posting content that is considered high quality, is valued and other users like to read it. In contrast, new members or those who do not use Reddit regularly may not have a high Karma.

Karma is also used to prevent spam on Reddit. New Reddit members usually have low karma, so there is a limit to how many posts they can publish on Reddit within an hour or day. After the user has received sufficient positive karma, the posting limit on Reddit for the user will be removed, and he can post as much as he wishes.

Some subreddits wish to prevent spammers from posting since it increases the work for moderators. So these subreddits will specify that only members with sufficiently high karma can join them or are allowed to create posts. So having higher karma will allow the Reddit member to join some communities which are not open to everyone.

Additionally, members having higher Reddit Karma helps members, will find that their comments are listed on the top below the post, and are more likely to be noticed by people reading the post.

How to get Karma on Reddit?

To get Karma on Reddit, it is advisable to post when Reddit users are most active. It is observed that the users are active in the morning between 6 am and 8 am and on weekends. Users should ask open-ended questions to which more people can reply to increase their Karma.

There are some subreddits like FreeKarma4u which allow users to get free karma for posting since members will automatically up-vote. To get more visibility, users should comment on New and Rising posts on Reddit, since few will notice the older posts. Members should always respond to those who comment on their posts and their comments, to keep the conversation alive and get more karma.

Members who wish to increase their karma quickly should focus on the larger subreddits since they have more members to give up-votes. Posting high-quality content remains the best way to improve karma, ensure that the title is attractive, and good quality photos are used.

Comment Karma vs Post Karma on Reddit

Members can earn Karma both by starting a new post or commenting on existing posts. Usually starting a new post will take more time and effort, so new members can comment on existing posts, especially in subreddits they are familiar with to get comment Karma. Later, after they are familiar with the Reddit community, they can post on topics they are interested in, hoping to get post karma.

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