What is Reddit Premium? Are The Features Worth It? [in 2022]

If you post on Reddit a lot, then you will most likely wonder what sort of features you are going to get when you avail of the paid membership. Surely, you will get tired of the free plan at some point as you will feel obliged of doing more.

Free Facebook Page Growth Checklist
Free Facebook Page Growth Checklist

In this beginner Reddit tutorial, we are going to explain what the Reddit premium is, how does it work and whether it is worth its cost.

What is Reddit Premium?

Your Reddit experience is going to get enhanced at just $5.99 per month and due to its popularity, you are going to get every penny of your money’s worth especially when you are there all the time.

Reddit is something you can’t resist as you can interact with people all over the world through the different topics at the message boards. As a matter of fact, there are more than 100,000 forums that are pretty active.

Reddit Premium gives you access to r/lounge which is exclusive to members. You don’t really have to expect too much of that though since it is not really much different from what you are used to seeing. The only difference is that the lounge is exclusive for Reddit premium members so the numbers are narrowed down a bit.

How does Reddit Premium work?

The moment you sign onto Reddit Premium after entering all of your details, all ads disappear. Yes, that means you can finally say goodbye to all those pesky advertisements. Hence, you will only be led to see the content you want to see which would save you a lot of time.

From the moment you sign up, you will be given 1000 coins as a bonus and 700 coins every month from there. Believe it or not, the coins don’t really mean much and you can’t really turn it into real coins. What you can do is reward these coins to people who you think deserve it if their link or comment made an impact on your day.

When you see someone posts a good comment or post, then you can give that person a Gold badge depending on the number of coins that you currently have. When that person earns your coins, it is going to show when a badge shows up on the post of the person.

What’s more, when someone earns a Gold badge, that person can earn a free week as a Reddit Premium user. and you can add yourself to the list of Reddit users who have a badge because you will get one as a Reddit user.

Are Reddit Premium’s extra features worth it?

The fact that you won’t have to waste your precious time looking at ads alone would make it worthwhile. Also, you would want to appreciate the people who take time off their busy schedule and post some pretty useful stuff on Reddit.

As a matter of fact, when you give them badges, they will feel a bit motivated to post even more amazing stuff in the near future and that will certainly benefit all of us.

Keep in mind the coins that you can reward to other people have no expiration date. As a result, you can take your time with selecting the right post to reward. Furthermore, when you commented on a conversation and you come back to it, you will immediately notice that the new comments are highlighted so you can decide whether you want to comment again or not.

Other Information Related to Reddit Premium

Reddit Premium used to be known as Reddit Gold but now that has changed. Furthermore, there was an option for it to be bought for an entire year but now you can only pay for it every month. Besides, it is common to think that monthly subscriptions can become cheaper if you avail of all the right things.

Compared to Reddit Gold, Reddit Premium is actually three times more expensive. Opinions would differ regarding whether the price you pay for it is worth it or not as some would say that it is due to the fact that they like supporting the platform.

It is evident Reddit pRemium won’t improve the impact of your posts as what it does is to make you support Reddit as it will make you think that you did your part in more ways than one.

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