What is Reddit Retargeting & How Does Reddit Pixel Retargeting Works? [in 2022]

If you are running Reddit ads, and you want to make sure you get the best of Reddit ads costs, you have to run Reddit retargeting ads as well.

In this Reddit ads tutorial, we are going to explain how Reddit retargeting works and how you can create Reddit retargeting audiences.

What is Reddit Retargeting and how Reddit retargeting works?

Reddit retargeting campaigns allow advertisers to target Reddit users who have already interacted with their ads on the platform.

Reddit retargeting campaigns allow advertisers to show ads to people who have already shown an interest in what they’re selling, which can lead to higher conversion rates than traditional advertising.

In Reddit Retargeting, the Reddit Pixel allows you to build your retargeting audience, which further assists you in reconnecting with visitors who had previously been interested in your ‘brand’. This can prove to be an efficient way to get hold of future customers.

How Reddit Retargeting works?

In short, Reddit Pixel can assist you with circling back to those users who have previously visited your site.

For this, you will first have to create a set of qualified audiences, for which you have to target those visitors who have visited your business website except for your existing customers.

You can reengage these Reddit users who did not complete their customer journey by sending fresh messages to show how much you value them.

Reddit Retargeting Audience Examples

The type of audiences you would want to connect with through this might include:

The ones that have previously visited your business website

The ones that have ‘abandoned basket’ on your website

For example, if you run an online grocery store, and there have been some visitors who did visit your online store, added a few items in their cart and then decided not to go further with placing their order. These are the potential customers you have to retarget using this strategy.

How to create a Reddit retargeting audience?

Now before starting with the process, you have to first give Reddit access to your ‘first-party’ data. You will have to allow Reddit Pixel installation on your business website. Again, you will be required to have at least50 users post configuration of the ‘lookback’ window and delivery of impressions.

Creating Retargeting Audience Using Reddit Pixels:

  1. First, log into your Reddit Ads Manager account.
  2. Next, scroll to the targeted campaign you require for building your retargeting audience.
  3. Click on the ‘three-dot’ (…), which is the menu right next to the name of the campaign.
  4. Now, select the ‘New Ad Group’.
  5. Provide a name to this new Group, which you can easily locate later on.
  6. Go to the ‘Audience Type’, and under it click on ‘Pixel Retargeting’, which you will find in the ‘drop-down’ menu.
  7. Provide a name for your ‘Pixel Audience’.
  8. Provide the conversion events that you wish to be inclusive of in the retargeting audience, into the ‘Included’ field.
  9. In case you don’t want any event included, click on ‘Excluded’ followed by the name of that event.
  10. The types of conversion events you will come across are:
    1. Search
    2. Page Visits (you mustn’t exclude this)
    3. Lead
    4.  View Content
    5. Add to Cart
    6. Purchase
    7. Sign Up
    8. Add to Wishlist
  11. Do not exclude the ‘Page Visits’ event because every user is tagged to this event by default. In case you have no desire to retarget ‘Page Visitors’, all you have to do is not add ‘Page Visits’ event to your field called ‘Included Pixel Audience’.
  12. In the ‘Lookback Window’, set the time period within which a visitor is to be included in the retargeted audience by clicking on the ‘drop-down’ menu (somewhere between 1 and 90 days).
  13. Now, finish up setting the remaining of your ads and ad groups.

Tips for successful Reddit retargeting campaigns

The following practices can help you achieve maximum profit from your retargeting strategy:

Proper Configuration – Make sure to configure the ‘Exclude’ and ‘Include’ events on Pixel appropriately.

Generally, you might want to exclude only ‘Purchase’, which is a ‘final’ conversion even, as this information might to prove to be of much value to you. However, do not, under any circumstance, exclude ‘Page Visits’ event, and the reason for this has been cited above.

The ‘Lookback Window’ Setting – Set this window right. Remember, the larger you keep the window to be, the greater will be the size of the retargeting audience.

The faster you engage in launching retargeting, the better you will be able to reengage with more users with high value. It is recommended that you keep a ‘Lookback Window’ of at least 30 days, after which you can make adjustments on the basis of the results.

Finally, make sure that your ‘down-funnel’ message is strong and clear. Your Pixel Retargeting ad must drive users to conversion points, and must feature a compelling yet clear Call-To-Action. This way you can get the maximum out of your Reddit Retargeting.

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