Reddit Users Stats: How Many People Use Reddit? [in 2022]

Known as the “front page of the internet”, Reddit is one of the most popular social media sites in the U.S. and is widely used by netizens all over the world. Basically, Reddit is a collection of forums where its users can share news and content. It also allows you to interact with other users by commenting on their posts.

In this Reddit article, you will get a quick look on how popular this social media site is and how many users /subscribers by country, age, and gender, and how its statistics grew over the years.

How Many People Use Reddit?

Reddit is the 19th most popular social media site in the world as it has 430 million monthly active users as of 2019. According to reports, a total of 52 million are actively using this site daily, wherein 48 percent of them are from the US.

Records show that from 2013-to 2019, the number of monthly active users has rapidly increased. From 70 million monthly users in 2013, it climbed up to 430 monthly active users in 2019.

Number of Subreddits

To clearly understand the site, you must know that Reddit is made up of communities called the subreddits which has attributed to the success of this social media site. Subreddits let the users interact with each other wherein they can talk together about the topics with the same interest.

As of 2021, there is already a total of 2.8 million subreddits that talk about simple to complex topics, such as health, lifestyle, beauty, technology, and a lot more. So if you have a certain interest, then Reddit can help find you people who have the same interest as you.

Reddit Users by Country

The United States is the biggest user of Reddit as it compromises 47.82 percent of the total number of users worldwide, making it as the 7th most visited website in the said country. It is followed by the United Kingdom and Canada at 7.6 percent and 7.45 percent, respectively. Fourth on the list is Australia at 3.89 percent and Germany at 3.37 percent.

Reddit Users by Age

According to, as of March 2021, the people who are in their twenties and thirties are the most active users of the said social media site, particularly in the United States.

Based on the most recent data, 28.1 percent of users are aged 20-29 years old and 26.1 percent are aged 30-39 years. Record also revealed that those who are 50 years old and above are least interested in using Reddit as they are only accounted for 10.3 percent of the total number of users.

Reddit Users by Gender

Men are more active users of Reddit compared to women.

Based on the latest report published by the Statistica Research Department on March 22, 2022, the majority of the users are men which is 63.8 percent while 36.2 percent  of users are women,

Reddit Usage Statistics

From 2015-to 2019, the number of Reddit users monthly grew up to 258.33 percent. On average, a Reddit user usually browses the site for 10 to 23 minutes visiting up to eight different sites.

A record also reveals that the bounce rate of the site visits is 38.5 percent which means that four out of ten users leave the site after visiting only one page, unlike other users who visit different sites.

There are also users who browse the site for up to an hour or more by using the different features of the site, such as posting, commenting, or just casually reading different news and topics.

In the United States particularly, as of 3rd quarter of 2020, 52 percent of the users visit the site on a daily basis, 82 percent visit weekly and 95% browse the site monthly.

Reddit Demographics – Summing up

Despite its growing popularity, it is undeniable that Reddit is still far in distance when compared to the number of users of the most famous social media sites such as Youtube, Instagram, and Facebook.

However, this site does not compete with other social media platforms as it stands unique from the others through its features and objectives for its users. Reddit will let you dive into whatever interest you and interact with people whom you can share your opinions and mindsets with on topics that you love to talk and think about.

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