How To Report A Subreddit? [in 2022]

There are times on Reddit when users post offensive or completely inaccurate information and you want to report that specific Reddit subreddit.

In this Reddit tutorial, we are going to explain how to report a subreddit step by step.

How to Report a Subreddit?

I was able to find two different ways to report a subreddit if you’re on a computer. Follow these steps:

  1. Log into
  2. Search for the subreddit you need to report.
  3. Once you find the subreddit, click the “report” button underneath it.
  4. A screen will pop up asking why you’re reporting the subreddit and you need to type in the reason you’re reporting the subreddit.
  5. Click “submit” and you’re done.

I prefer the first method as it’s simpler, but you can also report a subreddit on a desktop this way:

  1. Log into Before you go further, I suggest you review the Content Policies page to ensure your report is justified.
  2. Go to
  3. Select “message the admin” and then “something else” from the drop-down menus.
  4. Select “content breaks Reddit’s rules” option”.
  5. Select the violation from the list of possible offenses and provide any additional information requested.
  6. Submit the report.

How to Report a Subreddit on Mobile Phones?

Like many people, I spend a lot of time on the internet via my mobile phone. Mobile websites are sometimes designed differently than the computer versions so doing the same thing can be different. Reddit is no different and so I did some research on how to report subreddits on my mobile phone. Here’s the results.

  1. Open Reddit on your browser app, the go to the contact page (
  2. Select “Message the Admin” from the drop-down menu, then choose “something else”.
  3. On the next menu that appears, select “content breaks Reddit’s rules”.
  4. This will lead to a list of violations for you to pick from. Select the one that fits the subreddit you’re reporting.
  5. Provide any additional information regarding the subreddit that’s requested.
  6. Submit the report.

When Can You Report a Subreddit?

There have been times when I’ve been scrolling through Reddit and found a thread that I didn’t like or found hard to believe. However, everyone has different sensibilities and just because I don’t like it, doesn’t mean it violates Reddit’s policies.

These are some things I keep in mind while looking at a questionable subreddit and am considering reporting it.

Is the content illegal? No illegal content is allowed, including sexual or inappropriate pictures involving minors.

űHarassment and bullying of any type are also not allowed.

Violent and graphic content needs to be labeled with warnings, and again, can’t contain illegal actions or anything that facilitates illegal activity. Impersonating people in a way that may mislead people is also not allowed. When I see any of the following issues, I know I should report the subreddit.

What Happens When You Report a Subreddit?

I wanted to make sure a subreddit I had reported was dealt with, so followed up with one of Reddit’s moderators regarding a subreddit I had reported.

They explained they 1) ignore the report, 2) remove the post or comment, or 3) leave the post or comment up but address the content with the person who had posted it.

Why Can’t You Report a Subreddit?

I know it can be frustrating trying to navigate a new task within a system, but if you follow the above steps, you should be able to report any subreddit that you come across that violates the content policy.

If you’re having trouble finding the next step, I’d make sure you’re following the reporting steps for the correct platform.


Like millions of people around the globe, I find Reddit a helpful, entertaining website to visit. But like many of its users, I sometimes come across content that violates the content policy and feel it my duty to report the content.

When this happens, first make sure the content actually does violate the content policies then follow one of the methods to make your report. As a report made in good faith, it will be investigated and if necessary, removed and/or addressed by one of their moderators.

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