How To Make A Secret Pinterest Board? [in 2022]

Pinterest is a brilliant place to discover fresh DIY ideas, hobby project tutorials, and entertaining photos, and it enables users to create many boards and manage their collections.

Pinterest Secret boards allow you to establish private boards for yourself and invited collaborators-are a lesser-known feature of Pinterest.

What are Secret Pinterest Boards?

Secret Pinterest boards are hidden pin boards made up of private pins. Secret Pinterest boards are handy for pinning images or websites you don’t want others to access on Pinterest. As the owner of your hidden board, only you have access to it.

You can, however, invite other Pinterest users to join your secret Pinterest board.

This means they’ll be able to see what you’re pinning, comment on it, and even pin websites or images. You are the only one who can make a hidden board visible for public viewing, so you have full authority over who sees it on all occasions.

Unless you choose to make the board public, the comments and content are private. You can have many secret boards on your Pinterest account to create as many as possible.

How to Make a Pinterest Board Secret?

When naming it, create a new hidden board and toggle “Keep this board private.”

  1. Log into your Pinterest account, then open your profile by selecting your profile image in the top-right corner of your screen.
  2. If you want to hide in the bottom-right corner of the board, click the edit symbol.
  3. Toggle “Keep this board secret” and then click Done.
  4. When you save Pins to a hidden board, the person from whom you saved the Pin does not receive a notification, and the Pin’s count does not grow.
  5. When you save Pins from a private board, the person’s name from whom you saved the Pin will not display on your new Pin.
  6. You can invite friends to collaborate on a hidden board or make it public if you wish to share it.

How to Invite Others to a Secret Pinterest Board?

There are many ways to request someone to join your board as a collaborator.

  1. To begin, open your secret board and click on the term ‘Invite,’ which displays next to your profile image, or click on the ‘Edit’ option on your hidden board.
  2. You can locate this by hovering over your secret board on the board’s page or by searching for and hitting the pencil icon just above the private board name if your board is open.
  3. Then, select the’ Collaborators’ field at the bottom of the ‘Edit your board’ pop-up box.
  4. Type away the name or email address of the person you want to invite to collaborate on the page in the ‘Name or email’ section.
  5. If you type a name into the search bar, Pinterest will show you people who have profiles on the platform with that name.
  6. They do not require any connection. Only a Pinterest account is required.
  7. Finally, click ‘Invite’ when you’ve settled on a name or provided an email address.

When the board is open, their name will appear to the right of the secret board name, along with any other contributors, presuming they have a Pinterest account.

Can you Hack Secret Boards on Pinterest?

There is no limit to how many Secret Boards you can create. Your secret board is only visible to you. A pin saved to your Secret board will not appear on Pinterest. Even in your profile’s activity page and in your followers’ feed.

How to Make a Secret Board Public Again?

The board can only be made public by the creator of the secret board. The board cannot be made public by those invited to participate in it. At any time, the creator of the hidden board can opt to make it public.

The board creator has the option to make the board hidden once it has gone public. When you click the pencil icon to ‘modify your board,’ you can lock and unlock it by turning on or off the secret toggle.

A closed lock icon will appear on your hidden board page when the toggle is set to secret.

When the creator makes a hidden board public, all of the pins, comments, and other items contributed to it become public.

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