How To See Your Followers On Reddit? [in 2022]

Reddit is a global social media platform where people of all groups and ages post their stuff. Later, their stuff gets discussed among the registered users with voting facilities.

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In this beginner Reddit tutorial, I will discuss how to see your followers on Reddit.

Can you see your followers on Reddit?

The answer to this question is a straightforward yes. Earlier, you could only see the follower count without any additional detail. But things changed right after a small feature got added to the platform which enabled people to see their followers both on the website and in the app.

This feature will help you to gain maximum control over your account as you can block any unwanted followers from your account. This would help you to manage the overall platform better.

How to see your followers on Reddit?

“How to see your followers on Reddit” was the most prevalent question on every Reddit user’s mind once they got to know about the new feature which could help them to see followers following their stuff or posts.

You can easily see your followers in two ways. One on the mobile version and the other on the website.

  1. Here is how to see your followers on
    1. First of all, visit the website.
    2. Then click on your profile page.
    3. After clicking on your profile page, you will see a thing written on the right-hand side of your profile known as Followers.
    4. Right under that, there would be some numbers.
    5. You should click on the number after that you will be able to see the details of your followers.
  2. Here is how to see your followers in the Reddit mobile app:
    1. First, you should open your mobile app
    2. search for your profile by tapping the profile icon which is placed on the upper left-hand corner of your screen.
    3. Then you should select “My profile and again then tap on the followers under your username.
    4. This way you can see your followers on the Reddit mobile app.

How to stop people from following me on Reddit?

This question is of some real concern and luckily Reddit gives you the power to stop people or certain groups from following you. You might use this power for several reasons starting from security to personal matters. This is how you can do it:

  1. First of all, you need to visit your user settings
  2. Then select the profile tab.
  3. You need to scroll down to Advanced
  4. Then toggle off the option “Allow people to follow you.”

Can’t view my followers on Reddit? 

Even though all the information on how you can see your followers on Reddit. Still, there are certain users who complain that they are having a tough time seeing the details of their followers. This can be possible if there is a bug or technical defect in their profile.

If you are facing such difficulty then you can do this, you can send your queries to the technical team, and they would try to fix it as soon as possible.

Conclusions on how to see your followers on Reddit

This article on “how you can see your followers on Reddit” presents you with each and every detail about the topic in a refined manner. Hope it benefits readers who wanted to learn about this new feature on Reddit.

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