How To Set Up A Pinterest Catalog? [in 2022]

Pinterest gives opportunities for entrepreneurs to step up business in terms of online marketing and raise sales.

So, if you’re wondering how to set up a Pinterest Catalog, here is a helpful guide that can help you get started.

Requirements for Pinterest Catalog

Wondering how to set up a Pinterest Catalog? Before anything else, here are some requirements you need before setting up a Pinterest Catalog.

  1. Check if a Pinterest catalog is for your business

You will need a declared website and a Pinterest marketing account to use Catalogs. You will also have to prepare an information file showing your products’ collection, features, and characteristics.

Furthermore, you will also need a website that meets merchant standards. These merchant standards require you to include your contact information, a refund policy, and a shipping policy that are easy to locate and understand.

On top of those requirements, you must also develop a method for hosting and maintaining a database of everything you regularly upload to Pinterest.

  1. Claim a website that you own

Claiming a website you own will give you access to data for the Pins that other people contribute to your domain and the Pins you upload from your website and let people understand where they can discover more of your content.

Along with a Follow option for your Pinterest profile, a personal photo will be displayed next to every Pin that originates from your domain. Additionally, the globe checkmark symbol will be displayed next to the URL of the webpage on your homepage.

For Pinterest to verify that you are the website owner, you will need to insert an HTML tag into the source code of your website.

  1. Set up a data source

Developing a data source is essential before proceeding with the configuration of your feed. When considering advertising your items across several markets, currencies, and languages, you have the choice of setting up to 20 data sources.

How to Upload Products to a Pinterest Catalog?

Do you have no idea how to set up a Pinterest Catalog? Here are six simple steps that will help you with this task in this visual search engine platform below:

Step 1: To begin, go to “,” and click the “Get Started.”

Step 2: Next, sign in to your business account on Pinterest. After logging in, select the “Ads” tab, and then choose the “Catalogs” tab.

Step 3: You will be prompted to provide the data source URL that was created on CTX Feed. After that, choose the file format, which could be either XML, CSV, or TSV.

Step 4: Select “My data source is password-protected” if your data source is protected by a password or other security measure. You will have to give Pinterest the proper credentials to let them access your data source.

Step 5: Once you’re done entering the required details, you can finally select the “Create Pins” option from the menu.

How to Use Pinterest Catalogs to Run Pinterest Shopping ads?

People searching on Pinterest seek ideas. So, shopping advertisements are a great way to engage with potential consumers before they even visit the site. Once you’re done sorting your products into catalog groupings, you can market those catalogs as shopping ads. Doing this allows your products to garner more attention.

Using Pinterest’s placement targeting feature, you can choose where your ads will appear. You can choose to place your ads in the following available positions:

  • Displaying the advertisements to users while they pursue their home feeds and related Pins
  • Displaying the advertisements in search results and other related Pins
  • Exhibit the advertisements in the browse placement areas as well as the search placement areas

Other Useful Features That You Can Use with Pinterest Catalogs

  1. Tag products in Pins

You can use the feature to tag particular products. This makes it simpler for people on Pinterest to shop for the exact items present on your Pin. This will increase people’s interest in clicking on your Pin, which might also possibly lead to a purchase.

  1. Create a shop tab on the Pinterest profile

You can personalize the presentation of your product groups. People will see product groups relevant to their country and language if you choose to set up multiple feeds. Before saving your changes, you can also preview your shop to get an idea of how it will appear to Pinterest users.

Users will also see a Shop by category section that is automatically generated based on your feed’s Google product group category.


There is no doubt that Pinterest is well on its way to becoming an online platform utilized most for online shopping. Pinterest only recently began offering its users the ability to purchase directly from the platform through catalogs that may be browsed.

And now that you know how to set up a Pinterest Catalog, you should be able to utilize this fantastic Pinterest feature to further boost your business’ performance.

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