How To Share Pinterest Boards? [in 2022]

Pinterest is a great platform to go to if you are looking for ideas and inspiration to draw from, gathering great photos of ideas on your Pinterest board. With such a great Pinterest board, you’re going to want to share it with others, so how to share Pinterest boards?

Can You Share Pinterest Boards?

The short answer to this question is yes, and you can share Pinterest boards with people on desktop or mobile.

Sharing your Pinterest board may seem complicated at first, but by following a few simple steps, you will be able to share your excellent Pinterest board with just about anyone.

How To Share Pinterest Boards?

You can easily share Pinterest boards by following these few simple, easy steps. Here is what you need to do to share your Pinterest boards

  1. While on your browser, click on your Pinterest board to access it and select the “…” option, which would appear next to the board name
  2. After clicking “…”, click the share option
  3. After clicking share, options of which social network you want to share your Pinterest board in will appear; click the social network that you would want to share your Pinterest board in

There are a lot of options on where to share your Pinterest board; here are the various options of how you can share your Pinterest board in:

  • Through Facebook
  • Through Twitter
  • Through WhatsApp
  • Through a Pincode
  • Through Facebook Messenger
  • Through Email
  • Through a link

If you are on your android or ios devices and would want to try sharing a Pinterest board from there, you may do so by opening the Pinterest app and following the exact directions mentioned above on how to share your board.

How To Share Someone Else’s Pinterest Boards?

If you are wondering if you can share someone else’s Pinterest board as well, the answer is yes, you can. You can share someone else’s Pinterest board by following these simple step-by-step processes.

  1. Select the Pinterest board that you would like to share and open it
  2. After you open the board, look for the share option, which would appear under the board name.
  3. After you click share, you will have various social network options and ways of how you want to share the Pinterest board. Please select the social network you would want to share it on.

Like with sharing your own personal Pinterest board, you would have various options of how you would want to share someone else’s board, either by a link, Pincode or through your desired social network option.

Can’t Share Pinterest Boards

Some people find sharing Pinterest boards a bit confusing, especially if they are new to Pinterest. To avoid this issue when sharing boards, follow the abovementioned steps to share your board hassle-free and quickly.

Suppose you are looking to share your Pinterest board with people who are not on Pinterest. In that case, you can still easily do so by following the steps mentioned above and sending the Pinterest board through a link, Pincode, or through various social network options.

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