How To Tag Products On Pinterest? [in 2022]

Many Pins on Pinterest are of scenes like a living room or a person wearing a particular outfit and feature multiple products. The users viewing the Pin are often interested in purchasing some of the products featured in the pin if they are tagged.

To learn how to tag products on Pinterest read this Pinterest tutorial.

How you can tag products on Pinterest?

Pinterest users who have a claimed website, featuring products that they directly sell or have affiliate links can tag their Pins with product links. This allows users who are interested in the products featured to directly visit the website by clicking on the link in the Pin. Each Pin can have up to eight product tags. The Pin can be tagged while creating it or you can tag an existing Pin. Users who do not have a claimed Pinterest website, can use other merchants’ Pins for tagging their idea pins.

In some cases, the user wishes to feature other related products with his Pin, so he can create a collections pin from the product catalog featuring Pins of the related products. The collection pin can have up to 25 different products and is displayed below the main Pin. The collections Pin can be also converted into a collections ad for promotion

Users should be aware that tagging can be only done on a computer or laptop, this feature is not available on smartphones

How to tag products while you create a new Pin?

The procedure for tagging products while creating a new Pin on Pinterest is as follows

  1. After logging in to the business account, choose the option to create Pin
  2. Upload the image from the computer, and enter the required details like title, alternative text, description, and claimed website
  3. Click anywhere on the image to get the product tag option
  4. The title and URL for the product should be added in the search bar displayed below the tag, Alternately the catalog id can be used to identify the product
  5. Choose the product which has to be tagged in the image.
  6. This can be repeated for a maximum of eight product tags
  7. Choose the publish options and the board to which the Pin has to be saved, after which the Pin can be published.

How to tag products on existing Pins?

The process for tagging products in Pins that are already published is described below:

  1. After logging in to the Pinterest account, choose the Pin for which product tagging is required
  2. Click on the product which has to be tagged, enter the product title, url or search for the product using its catalog id.
  3. This procedure should be repeated for all the products which have to be tagged, up to eight products may be tagged
  4. After tagging is complete, click Done to save the tagged Pin.

How to tag products in Idea Pins?

Idea Pins are short video clips of length up to sixty seconds that the users can tap to watch. The idea pins are only available for Android and iPhone smartphones, they are not available on desktops/laptops.

When you will tag a product in the idea pin, the Pinterest merchant will be notified and asked to approve the tagging. If he does not approve the tagging, the merchant can opt out, and the user will not be able to feature the product.

After approval, the viewers of the Idea pin can also easily and directly purchase the products which are featured in the Idea pin. A maximum of five products can be tagged per page of the Idea pin, and up to 20 products may be tagged in the entire Idea Pin.

The options for tagging products are:

  • using existing product Pins on Pinterest
  • the product links from the online store/retailer
  • affiliate links can be used for creating product tags which appear as in the profile as a board listing product tagged

The process for tagging on a smartphone is:

  1. Login to Pinterest app on smartphone, and choose the Idea pin option
  2. Record a new video or choose an existing video, and select the stickers option, tap product, email confirmation may be necessary
  3. Choose the product Pin, product link or affiliate link for the product tag, image, color and publish the idea Pin.

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