How to Turn On Pinterest Dark Mode? [in 2022]

Like many apps and websites, Pinterest allows you to use the dark mode by changing the background color. Wondering, how to turn on Pinterest dark mode? This post is a step-by-step guide on how to turn on Pinterest dark mode.

Does Pinterest have dark mode?

Yes, Pinterest has dark mode on all mobile devices. So, if you prefer Pinterest with a darker theme, you can use the dark mode. However, you have the settings of your phone to dark mode.

When the dark mode activates on your device, Pinterest will switch to dark mode automatically. While the latest buzz in the tech and app industry is the dark mode, Pinterest isn’t left behind. It was later that Pinterest started working on its platform after a surge in users.

It appeared that people are dissatisfied with the interface of Pinterest and they considered it awful. Like other companies, Pinterest took the feedback seriously and made significant improvements. And, that is how the new website looks, feels, and works.

The Pinterest dark mode is only available on Android and iOS. However, the sad part is that the mode isn’t available on the desktop. Yet you can experience the same by tweaking some settings.

How to turn on dark mode on Pinterest on a desktop computer?

As said, Pinterest is yet to introduce the dark mode for their website. In short, there is no official version of the dark theme for their website. So, if you are using Pinterest on your computer and want to experience a dark theme, you have to install a browser plugin.

To experience a dark theme on any browser, simply toggle the dark mode on and sync the dark theme on the website through your PC’s dark mode settings in the OS. If you are using the Chrome browser, there are plenty of options available. Choose the one that fulfills your needs.

Follow these instructions and you will get Pinterest in the dark mode in no time.

  1. Open Chrome web browser on your computer
  2. Next, add your preferred dark mode extension to the browser and enable it
  3. After that, open Pinterest and enjoy the new dark theme

How to make dark mode on Pinterest on iOS/Android phones?

Enabling dark mode on iOS and Android phones is easy and it takes toggling a few settings to get the desired results.

Pinterest dark mode for iOS phones

If your turn on the dark mode on your iOS phone, the Pinterest app will appear in the same theme by default. Follow these steps.

  1. Go to Settings on your iOS device
  2. Scroll down and locate the Display & Brightness settings
  3. Tap on it
  4. Select the Dark Mode

For Android phones

Pinterest app for Android devices comes with an in-built dark mode that you can easily activate. So, enable the dark theme from the Settings menu to see immediate results.

  1. Open the Pinterest app on your smartphone
  2. Locate the Profile icon at the bottom of the screen, select it
  3. Next, select the Settings icon from the top right corner
  4. Choose Accounts Settings
  5. Tap on the application theme and you can find three options: light, dark, and system default
  6. Choose the dark option
  7. If the settings are already set to the system default, toggling the dark mode on from the phone’s settings will make the app dark as well

How to turn off Pinterest dark mode?

If you want to turn off the Pinterest dark mode, reverse the steps that you did to enable the same. And, that will bring the app’s theme back as it was earlier. The best way to turn the Pinterest dark mode off is to turn the phone display settings to light mode.

  • For iOS devices – Tap Settings, select Display & Brightness, and tap Light to deactivate dark mode
  • For Android devices – Go to Settings, tap Display, and select Light to put an end to the dark mode
  • For desktops – Turn on the Light mode from the PCs Display Settings

Can’t make Pinterest dark

Sometimes Pinterest might not respond to the changes and still display the website in light mode. So, look out for the following things.

  • Make sure that your devices have Android OS 10 or higher. For iOS devices, the OS version should be 13 or newer
  • Reboot your devices if the dark mode isn’t activated instantly
  • Even after rebooting the devices, Pinterest dark mode isn’t activated, perform the above-mentioned steps the right way again

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