How To Unblock Someone On Pinterest? [in 2022]

When browsing for ideas on Pinterest, you may have moments where you feel the need to block other users.

Blocking someone on Pinterest is easy to do, however, you may eventually find yourself willing to interact with the blocked user again. You may end up wanting to know how to unblock someone on Pinterest. This article will provide all the answers you need and will help you to successfully unblock someone on Pinterest.

Can you unblock someone on Pinterest?

The quick answer is yes. You have the ability to unblock someone on Pinterest who you originally chose to block. Unblocking other users lets them see your pins, comment on your posts, and like your uploads.

It will also allow the previously blocked person to follow you again, message you, or otherwise contact you through the website.

How to unblock someone on Pinterest using a desktop computer (PC/MAC)?

In order to block someone using your desktop computer, you will need to go to the Pinterest website. From there, you will need to follow the following steps:

  • Click on a Pin from the user you want to unblock.
  • Alternatively, you can choose to open the profile page of the user you want to unblock by searching their account name in the search bar.
  • Once you are on their profile, you should see an unblock button underneath their username and number of followers.
  • Click the unblock button to unblock the user and allow them to see your content again.

How to unblock someone on Pinterest using a phone (iOS/ Android)?

In order to unblock someone on Pinterest using your phone, you will need to go to the Pinterest app. You will not be able to use your web browser to unblock someone on your phone. Once you have opened the app, you must:

  • Search for the account you want to unblock using the search bar in the app.
  • Click on the account, which will open up their profile.
  • At the top of their page, click the button with three-dots. This may be located next to the red ‘Follow’ button.
  • Clicking this button will bring up a dialogue window. Click the Unblock button. You will be asked to confirm your decision to unblock.

Can you block someone on Pinterest again after unblocking them?

Yes, you absolutely can block someone on Pinterest even if you have previously unblocked them. Pinterest gives you the ability to always control who can interact with your content or contact you. Simply return to the profile of the person you would like to block again.

If you are using the Pinterest app on your phone, click once again on the button with three dots at the top of their profile, and choose the Block option.

This will successfully re-block the account and prevent them from seeing your posts. If you are using a desktop version of Pinterest, simply return to the user’s profile and click the Block button underneath their name.

Why can’t I unblock people on Pinterest?

Oftentimes, difficulties in unblocking people come down to closely reading the step-by-step instructions provided. Be sure that you:

  • Follow the correct instructions for your device. The Pinterest app has different features and a different setup than the Pinterest desktop site. You will need to be sure to follow the correct instructions for your device.
  • Be sure you are logged into your account. If you are not logged into your Pinterest account, you may not be able to view the account you wish to unblock or may not see the buttons you need to follow to do so. Logging into your account should fix this issue.
  • Be sure you are connected to the internet. If you lose internet connection midway through this process, it may cause issues with unblocking accounts on Pinterest. Double-check that you are still connected to the Internet.
  • If you cannot find the account you are looking for, their account may have been disabled or they may have blocked your account from being able to see their content. In either case, there are no further steps you can take to unblock the account.


After reading this article, you should now know how to successfully unblock someone on Pinterest. With this information, you can effectively control who is and is not allowed to see, comment on, or otherwise interact with your posts.

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